View Full Version : The $1300 contact me directly scam

Jun-18-2008, 6:33am
We get lots of posts about this very common scam on ebay. A great looking item, low starting bid and when you go into the item description screen you see "Don't bid on this. Contact me directly. BIN price $1300"

THIS IS A SCAM! The "seller's" account has been hacked. If you look hard enough you will find hundreds of these every day.

DON'T TRY TO REPORT IT AS A FRAUD! Ebay gets thousands of fraud submissions every day. They may or may not think the auction is a fraud, odds are they won't even read your report.

Here's how to report it and get action on it. FOLLOW THESE STEPS and eBay will read your report and act on it. It only takes a few seconds, just don't waste time on the other screens.

On the bottom of the page click "Report this item"

Step 1: Listing policy violations
Step 2: Circumvention of ebay fees
Step 3: Offering merchandise for sale outside of eBay

Click "Continue"
Click "Email us with your question
Next page: click "Send"