View Full Version : 1961 f12 ebay scam alert

Mar-17-2008, 1:13pm
I strongly suspect ebay item no. 180224659596 of the 1961 F12 located in London, England through a Calif. seller is an ID theft scam. There are at least 5 red flags up on this one that I can find the first being it was posted on a 1 day listing. Low shipping price from England and lack of information on the mandolin with no back photo and obvious foreign person doing the description. No response from seller another one and removal of PayPal. Demand for prior bidding for shipping and payment issue. Means they will want a wire transfer for payment and not personal check or MO/CC like the listing says it will take.
Low starting bid with no reserve another.
There is already one bidder on it and hopefully if he is here on the cafe he will see this and back out of it before it's too late but with only 3 hours left I doubt I got this posted in time. I have reported it to ebay direct by phone but they may not act fast enough either. While ebay scams are sometimes easy to spot this one was not.
IMO the scammers are getting better at their craft and I just hate to see some innocent mandolin picker get taken off ebays inability to catch at thief before it's too late.

Mar-17-2008, 4:48pm
Looks like ebay did shut it down shortly before it closed so I guess my phone call to them did the trick. It was getting some heavy bidding before it was pulled, up to around $2000. I encourage others that see scams either here at the cafe or on ebay or those other sell listings to call to our attention any scam looking suspecions.

Nov-23-2008, 7:45am
Looks like this beast has surfaced again. See item 180308247390. It already sold once, but seller apparently refused Paypal payment. Now he's got -1 feedback. :disbelief:

Bill Snyder
Nov-23-2008, 2:50pm
It does not come up.