View Full Version : Ever heard of a josheng mandolin?

Jun-12-2008, 4:02pm
I did a Google on the Brand Name and found nothing, has anyone ever heard of them? It is a "F" style mandolin and is selling for $85 bucks.

Jun-12-2008, 9:16pm

Jun-12-2008, 9:25pm
85 bucks? You gotta be josheng me.

Jun-13-2008, 5:02am
There are a bunch of Josheng acoustic guitars on ebay. A dealer in Texas is selling them. Maybe a Chinese or Taiwanese store brand?

Steve Davis
Jun-13-2008, 6:43am
You get what you pay for.

Jun-13-2008, 8:15am
Here is the link.http://houston.craigslist.org/msg/714180756.html

Jun-13-2008, 2:43pm
No, here's the link:

$85 mandolin (http://houston.craigslist.org/msg/714180756.html)

Looks like your standard Asian import to me, as much as can be told from the one picture. #The description is, shall we say, sparse, and the phrase "no any damage" vibrates antennae attuned to eBay scams, but hardly worth running a swindle to get $85.

You do get what you pay for, but really, what are you expecting if you pay less than $100 for a musical instrument? #How much are you really risking? #(Well, $85...) #The worst outcome is that it's unplayable, or needs several hundred $$ worth of set-up to become playable. #In that case, it's an $85 lesson that one should do business with a reputable dealer -- where, for sure, you'll end up paying more, but getting professional preparation and support.