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Jun-12-2008, 1:17am
Just noticed there's a 1928 F2 on ebay for sale that looks identicle to the one for sale in the classifieds here. They have a buy it now price of $1300 but want you to email them before bidding. Watch out for that one ... looks to be a scam going on to me. Item # 13023160224. Wouldn't touch that one with a 10 ft. pole. The one here listed looks to be legit.

man dough nollij
Jun-12-2008, 1:41am
Less than a half-hour after your post, it's no longer there.

Jun-12-2008, 5:11am
That's almost identical to the scam I almost got caught up in. This guy hijacks peoples accounts who have good feedback, etc. and tries to get you to sent him $1,300 via western union. He sends a very "official" looking ebay message saying you've won the bid and he has been found by e-bay to be a trustworthy seller etc. SCAM.

Jun-12-2008, 7:38am
Yup, that's the scam. New listings every day from a different "seller".

If you see it, do a "report this item" to ebay and use the "avoiding Ebay fees", "offering for sale outside Ebay" track. Ebay jumps right on the reports about listings that avoid Ebay fees. If you report it as a fraud it will be there until somebody reports it as avoiding Ebay fees.

Hopefully some of the new changes will cut down on this. Then we'll see what the next scam is.

Jun-12-2008, 12:48pm
He's got it back up again. Asking a minimum bid of $94.00. I tried to report it to ebay but the amount of hoops they had me go through was rediculous. Stay away from this guy. Always "e-mail me directly or I will not accept your bid." Address 29 or 30, 31ebay@gmail. Same crook over and over.

Jun-12-2008, 1:06pm
Here's another:

item #320262666771
Apitius F-Style Mandolin 1985

Jun-12-2008, 1:32pm
Here's another:

item #320262666771
Apitius F-Style Mandolin 1985
Scammer has more than 150 items listed on this account.

Here's the way to report them. You only have to do ONE! It only takes a minute, just don't waste time on the other screens.

On the bottom of the page click "Report this item"

Step 1: Listing policy violations
Step 2: Circumvention of ebay fees
Step 3: Offering merchandise for sale outside of eBay

Click "Continue"

Click "Email us with your question

Next page: click "Send"

Jun-12-2008, 2:15pm
#320262666771 is gone now.

They only have another 150 or so to go...

Jun-12-2008, 2:41pm
Looks like someone is having some fun with this guy--bid over $10,000,000 for a drum set that he wanted his $1,300 for.:D

Jun-13-2008, 8:41am
They finally got seller ricktor001's account cleared out. I sent an "ask the seller" on one of the items and I got an alert from eBay telling me I had received a phishing email from that person. Either the scammer was watching or he changed the seller's email address.

These scammers can load over 150 listings in a very few minutes. It takes the folks at eBay a lot longer to clear them out...