View Full Version : The start of a new scam?

Jun-13-2008, 9:14pm
I have my Newson listed on E-Bay (My apologies to all for cross-posting it in the clasifieds here earlier). Anyway, I just got a message from someone in Germany, a long time member of E-Bay tellig me that he has reported me to Ebay and gave a somewhat cryptic explanation that infers that there is another listing with he same photos and description at half the price. I did a search and the item number that our German friend gave was for an Apple I-Pod phone and there are no other Newson mandolins listed on E-Bay. What should I make of this? Is this some kind of new scam? I really don't see how it could haver been an inadvertant error, so just what could all of this be about?

Jun-13-2008, 9:24pm
I say ignore it. As a Newson owner, I wondered if your listing was legit because of the low BIN and starting bid prices. Someone is going to get a mandolin from a great luthier at a bargain price. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif

Jun-13-2008, 9:50pm
He was trying to get your log-in information for further illeagel use. I see these all the time. SCAM!

Jun-15-2008, 9:13pm
That's not a new scam, that's an old Phishing trick.