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Bernie Daniel
May-30-2008, 6:54pm
Sorry I missed the previous post. #I did a search without the apostrophe in the title and came up dry. #Please ignore this string.

Bernie Daniel
Jun-05-2008, 5:01am
Moderators please delete this post and the one above it -- I deleted the initial message that I created. But could not delete the follow up I posted to alert memebers to disregard my initial post -- as there were already two strings open on Soresey. I should have just deleted the initial post instead of replying to it I guess -- but I cannot delete this one I guess. Thanks

Jun-05-2008, 7:28am
Bernie, you should be able to delete any post you put up.

Jun-05-2008, 5:02pm
Even the first one? I was under the impression if you started a thread you could not delete the original post. However (as long as yahoos like me don't add to the thread) it would eventually disappear off the list as newer threads replace it. I suppose a mod could also lock the thread to kill it...

That being said, don't the moderators have a way to merge similar threads?

Jun-05-2008, 5:10pm
Too much work. We moderators are a lazy lot. That's why we try and get people to edit their own messages.

Eddie Sheehy
Jun-05-2008, 5:19pm
You can delete this reply too

Bernie Daniel
Jun-05-2008, 10:49pm
Mike E: Bernie, you should be able to delete any post you put up. #

That is what I thought. #

Yea I could delete my original email which I should have done immediately - instead I replied to my own OP with a second message telling other members there was another string on the same topic and to ignore mine.

Later I had the blinding flash of brilliance and decided just to delete the whole string -- which at the time was two messages -- my OP and my answer to the OP. #

I was able to delete the OP -- but not my response to it --the second post in the string did not have a "delete" icon only an "edit" one.

So there it sits -- the answer to a question that has now disappeared. #

Proving that questions are more important than answers.

Jun-17-2008, 7:14am
I believe the software won't let you delete the one remaining post in a thread. #The unmaking of the thread this way would destroy the fabric of the universe. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif