View Full Version : yes- the clap

Jun-26-2004, 4:21pm
amazingly, i heard this song- steve howe/yes "the clap" on the radio. haven't thought about it in years. anyone ever try taking this and playin it on mando???

Jun-28-2004, 7:26am
Good luck!

I really wanted to play this on the guitar for years and finally gave up. Steve Howe plays it with a hybrid fingerpicking/flatpick technique.

But, you never know...some things are a lot easier on mando than guitar.

Jun-28-2004, 7:45am
and some are harder. we'll see........

Jul-02-2004, 1:58pm
Ira- I love that piece, but I don't think it's totally suited to the mando...but you'll learn a ton from giving it a go!

The tuning of the two different instruments means some things lie "guitaristically" and will be impossible on mando...The ascending stuff he does on an A7 chord with the low droning open A and the 3rd string G is crucial to the piece, I don't think it's doable on mando, but you can always re-interpret.

I took up mando because i found that fiddle music lies so nicely on it, compared to guitar!