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Jun-26-2004, 8:29am
I know this is a Del Oro Mandolin, but thats all i know .. Does anyone know anything about this mandolin. #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif #It lookes old mabye early 1900's or late 1800's? The wood piece that sits under the hole that holds the stings is off but i have it inside the mandolin hole so it dont get lost. Can anyone tell me anything about this mandolin?? And how much it might be worth. http://img78.photobucket.com/albums/v289/AmyLL/mandolinn.jpg

Jun-27-2004, 5:33pm
OK everyone keeps looking at my post but no one replys.. I take it that no one knows nothing about this name brand of mandolin???

Jun-27-2004, 6:09pm
mabey its spanish?


Jun-27-2004, 6:14pm
looks like a Kay to me

Jun-27-2004, 8:07pm
I agree, probably a Kay from the 30's-40's. Kay made all kinds of brands for all kinds of different houses. They pop up on ebay quite frequently. Nice little guys, though. Anywhere from 50-100, but that's just my guess.

Jun-27-2004, 8:49pm
I was thinking it was spanish to. I was surfing the web and everything i found on Del Oro it was in spanish. Does the scratches depriciate the mandolin?

Jun-28-2004, 3:47am
Sorry, but this one's almost definitely a Kay (search the web/ebay for Kay, or look at the book "Guitar Stories, Vol 2" By Michael Wright). This shape is mostly associated with this Chicago-based company. They made TONS of instruments under all sorts of brand names.

If it isn't a Kay, it's probably an even cheaper knockoff, or maybe even a later Japanese import. But the stenciling looks very '30s. Neal's guess is probably about right value-wise. The scratches will make it worth less than a pristine version, but again we're not talking about a lot here to begin with.

If you want a definitive reply, try emailing George Gruhn at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville - though I'm pretty sure he'll agree with what's been stated here. For a fee, he'll even give you a written appraisal if you want. But don't get your hopes up.

Jun-28-2004, 8:51pm
Ok i surfed the web and looked at the Kay mandolins they do look simular . I also noticed the Kay mandolin dont have holes why? As you can see i know nothing about mandolins other then it looks like a guitar to me haha .. and thank you for taking the time to tell me a little something about this mandolin and if anyone else wants to add their two sence , drop a line. TY