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Apr-22-2008, 4:39pm
Anyone know anything about this?
1920's Lyon&Healy / Style A / 4 string Tenor / ser# 1378 $250

A must buy? Or pass?

I was looking and hoping for a tenor guitar and found this. I'd still love tenor guitar but if this is too good to pass it can wait. Any ideas?

Apr-22-2008, 8:29pm
Is there a tenor banjo section?

John L
Apr-22-2008, 8:31pm
Do you have a photo? Open back? Any other info.? Unless it is not original, or in poor shape, the price sounds right. The Lyon part of the name is George Washburn Lyon. Healy anyone? I have an open back Stewart tenor banjo, and it is great alternative to mandolin. Suprising warm and mellow compared to a 5-string. Tune cgda or gdae, the latter commonly for Irish music.

Apr-22-2008, 9:19pm
Here it is. Let me know.


John L
Apr-23-2008, 8:19pm
If the neck is straight,the frets reasonable, and it appears original, it is worth close to the asking price I think. And you can make pie in the back! Never seen a back like that - anyone? Are you close enough to see it in person?

Apr-23-2008, 8:54pm
I am close enough to see it but unless its a must have, I'm not sure I will buy it. It might eat up some of the "upgrade mando fund," ahhh priorities. Would it have a truss rod usually?

John L
Apr-25-2008, 8:29pm
I am guessing, but I doubt it has a truss rod. If you are close, why not check it out. There isn't a big demand for tenor banjoes, so make a low offer if you like it.