View Full Version : Mandolin player learning Octave mandolin

Jun-22-2004, 6:08pm
I just got a Mid-Missouri M-80 Ocatave Mandolin and love it!!
I've been playing it mostly in GDAE but have experimented with GDAD a little.
I was wondering if anyone has some tips on making the 2nd to 7th fret stretch and what parts of my mandolin technique will I want to adapt to something that works better for the octave.
Also what are some tunes that suit themselves particularly well to the octave (I play mainly irish music) and If there are any internet resources / books that I should checkout.

Jun-22-2004, 6:30pm
I have found this fingering scheme to be very helpful for octave mandolin and tenor banjo.

Jonathan James
Jun-23-2004, 6:08am
I'd have that thumb professionally looked at if I were you...

thanks. very helpful graphic.

Jun-23-2004, 7:47am
Welcome to the club! Not too exclusive and definately the annual meetings are worth finding and attending.

re tunes and ideas in playing ... I'd get a copy of John McGann's Octave Mandolin Book CD (http://www.johnmcgann.com/books.html) and start exploring the ideas and concepts John presents there (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.). The book has about 18 pages of introductory material (he assumes you already play a mandolin or guitar) and then about twenty different tunes which are written out as Melody / Accompaniement ... in both notation and tab.

The CD mix is absolute. The right side is melody, the left rhythm, you can isolate and really hear how this is done. And John does it very well I may add.

This will introduce you to SOME of the possibilites in this remarkable instrument and let you have a lot of fun in playing it. Enjoy -