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Apr-11-2008, 2:57pm
I have never seen an A model like this one, Anybody know just what model it is.I think it is from the early 30's.

Buddy Davis

Apr-11-2008, 3:00pm
Here is another picture it also has a flat back.

Steve Cantrell
Apr-11-2008, 3:01pm
I believe that mandolin and similar guitars were built to commemorate one World's Fair or another, but I don't know the year. I bet the next guy does.

Apr-11-2008, 3:02pm
One more picture.

Gail Hester
Apr-11-2008, 3:08pm
That is a The Century Model A-C mandolin, 1933-1934. Read more here:

http://www.usd.edu/smm....in.html (http://www.usd.edu/smm/PluckedStrings/Mandolins/Gibson/10868/GibsonCenturyMandolin.html)

Apr-11-2008, 3:13pm
kinda ugly IMO

Jake Wildwood
Apr-11-2008, 3:23pm
Pearl, pearl, everywhere!

Don Grieser
Apr-11-2008, 3:37pm
I believe it's known affectionately as "mother-of-toilet-seat," not pearl. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Gary Hedrick
Apr-11-2008, 3:55pm
Yee Haw!! it's one of them there MOTS mandolins....I have one of them MOTS geetars ......... (the guitars are better than the mandolins and the banjo are worth the most)

Apr-11-2008, 4:03pm
awesome...I love it!

Apr-11-2008, 5:30pm
According to Gruhn they were available 1934-1936.

David Newton
Apr-11-2008, 5:43pm
I never knew they had a flat back.

Chip Booth
Apr-11-2008, 6:06pm
I kinda like it. How's it sound?


Gail Hester
Apr-11-2008, 7:04pm
"According to Gruhn they were available 1934-1936."

Yeah Mike, according to the mandolin museum source I linked to, the 1933-1934 time frame was when they started building them. The example pictured is a 1937 by serial and Fon numbers so 1933-1937 or 1934-1936 sounds good to me. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

BTW - I know there is at least one of these that is a fantastic sounding mandolin regardless of the MOT.

Will Kimble
Apr-11-2008, 7:51pm
Very cool mandolin. #I played one of these at Mandofest back in 2005 and it sounded astonishingly good. #So good in fact that I spent a few weeks wondering about the sonic potential and possibilities of mixing flat backs with carved tops...

Will Kimble

Apr-11-2008, 8:29pm
Don't know what it sounds like yet I have to repair the tunners then put new strings on and set it up it's in very good shape it belongs to my doctor he has three or four old mandolins.

Buddy Davis
Davis mandolins

Apr-11-2008, 9:27pm
There are dozens of errors in Gruhns guide book but I'm not telling!

Jim Garber
Apr-11-2008, 9:42pm
I have a 1937 L-C guitar that matches that mandolin. I think the mandolins were somewhat rarer but the guitars are nice players. I have heard that they are a pain to refret tho because of the MOTS.

Apr-12-2008, 7:21am
George Gruhn was wrong? Why wasn't I informed? http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif