View Full Version : Danny jones receives new falkguitars mandolin

Apr-10-2008, 6:30am
Danny Jones has accepted his new Falk Guitars Mandolin. He is too busy playing it to post images so has requested I post them. This is a nice one. Excellent tone and appearance. Fine handmade instruments built on a need to play basis.
For more images visit http://picasaweb.google.com/falkguitars

Dave Falk

Apr-10-2008, 7:39am
Dave, it really is ok to post images of mandolins you built.Was this number one?

Apr-10-2008, 8:39am
Nice work, Dave. I've seen plenty of dyed fretboards in old mandolins, but not maple. I see you dyed it before you fretted it, and I assume you dyed it before you bound it. Did you use Feibing's leather dye on it? How many coats? Any problems?

Apr-11-2008, 6:49am
Dear Bluemountain,
Please note that this mandolin is made of the finest materials available. All of the woods are solid, the fingerboard is Ebony, top Engelmann, rims, back and neck are Curly maple. ( Noce figure I might add) Though I have made guitars with maple, rosewood, ebony this particular mandolin has an ebony fretboard with true mop inlays. Iím not sure how you are drawing your conclusion.

Apr-11-2008, 6:54am
Post a picture of your mandolin
Though I built the mando, it belongs to Mr. Jones who commissioned it. I appreciate the ability to post images of my work. This mandolin is the first completed after my move to the Texas panhandle in 2007. It is one of a series of 3. This one was completed before the rest because it had a client with an expected ship date associated assigned to it. Iíve been building since my hair had color in it. (Now Iím grey). I build archtop guitars and other stringed instruments as well.

Bill Snyder
Apr-11-2008, 6:56am
Could be this picture that had him thinking you did not use ebony.

Apr-11-2008, 6:57am
Bill, I'll bet you are on to something. This is probably where his information is from. Thanks for pointing this out. DF

Bill Snyder
Apr-11-2008, 6:59am
FWIW I looked through your photos and it is obvious that this is not #1.
You do nice, clean work.

Apr-11-2008, 7:02am
Thanks Curious Bill Snyder for the kind words. DF