View Full Version : Soundhole pickup

John L
Apr-02-2008, 8:56pm
Has anyone tried a basic soundhole pickup on a tenor guitar? I am thinking it could be a cheap and non-intrusive way to amplify. What say you?


Apr-02-2008, 11:01pm
Cheap is the operative word ... you get what you pay for. I've used both a Dean Markely and a Seymour Duncan at three times the price ... the Seymour Duncan was a Mag Mike http://elderly.com/new_instruments/items/SDMM.htm Which is offered at Elderly. This has both screw adjustable magnets and a built in Microphone - and a device to balance the sound. It worked well on an old Regal tenor I had at the time.

Apr-04-2008, 2:43pm
a Non pole piece sound hole pickup perhaps?
there are rail type that will not be too location fussy,
Lace, is a different type and has a version made for a round sound hole , the question you have to decide is is yours big enough.
perhaps 4 of the 6 pole pieces are close enough to get you a good signal down the wire.

John L
Apr-04-2008, 9:26pm
Hole in my T-18 is 3-5/8". Most guitars are closer to 4". I didn't think most of these pickups were location sensitive?