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Apr-01-2008, 5:13pm
Here's some pix of the new Snake...

Apr-01-2008, 5:14pm
German spruce top...

Apr-01-2008, 5:15pm
Unbound Snake peghead and fingerboard...

Apr-01-2008, 5:17pm
Very nice. I love snakeheads.

Apr-01-2008, 5:18pm
Quilted bigleaf maple...

Apr-01-2008, 5:27pm
Full back view...

Apr-01-2008, 5:27pm
3/4 front...

Chris Travers
Apr-01-2008, 5:34pm
Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr-02-2008, 4:43am
Simply elegant!!

Skip Kelley
Apr-02-2008, 7:06am
Hans, The mandolin looks awesome! I love a snakehead!

Apr-02-2008, 7:23am
Very elegant indeed, Hans. That quilt is very fine too.


Avi Ziv
Apr-02-2008, 7:24am
Beautiful! I love the color

Brad Weiss
Apr-02-2008, 7:29am
Someday you'll figure it out, Hans....


Mike Crocker
Apr-02-2008, 8:09am
I think I just fell in love. Mooh.

Apr-02-2008, 8:13am
It's a beaut! One question, tho... do you have some sort of color filter on the camera, or are using a tweak in PhotoShop? The photos look somewhat "sepia" which blends the browns together a bit.

Apr-02-2008, 8:14am
How does it sound Hans? Other than the German top is there anything on the inside that will make for tonal differences in your other A mandolins?

Apr-02-2008, 8:53am
Thanks folks!
Mark, the very low southern light through some yellow/tan drapes provided the filter. Now that I look at the pix, there is a sort of pinkish caste to them. It's difficult this time of year to get good light indoors up here in Minnesota. Snow cover gives us a very stark light. I thought the drape filter might help.
Wesley, the tone is german/bigleaf, very rich, full and complex. Different spruces and maples would give a different tone. I have incorporated the same 3-4 new ideas that I've been using for the last couple of years and there is a difference compared to instruments before that era. These are even more resonant.

Mario Proulx
Apr-02-2008, 8:57am
Great work as always, Hans! I love that background you use for your photos, too; very classical-like!

I noticed the coloring also; can you manually set the "white balance" on your camera? If yes, then simply set it in that room, just before taking the shots, and the colors should be nearly spot-on, no matter the time of day or year. A sheet of printer paper works perfectly to set the white balance.

Apr-02-2008, 9:30am
Hey Mario,
I use an Expodisc. Here's the shot with the drapes open. I thought it a bit too cold with the light in winter with a backyard full of snow, so I closed the drapes. Of course I forgot to redo the WB...

Michael Gowell
Apr-02-2008, 9:50am
Hans - it's great, of course...but...to my eye your "J Brentrup" on the headstock seems set too low and too close to the tuner post. If it were a tad smaller...or horizontal...or...

Mark Walker
Apr-02-2008, 10:07am
Hans - very beautiful. I like it - regardless of the lighting! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Keep up the great work.

Apr-02-2008, 1:51pm
I like the headstock inlay. #It's different but still leans toward the traditional...

Of course I might be slightly biased http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Apr-02-2008, 2:30pm
Da*n, that would look good in my lap. I love understated instruments that can still turn heads.

Apr-03-2008, 5:22am
Michael, you are right, but it's pretty hard to cut them any smaller...this is my smaller logo. I switched tuners to Grovers and could have mounted them a bit farther down the peghead which, I think, would have given me the room but longer names are just harder to do...especially on a snake P/H.

Apr-03-2008, 5:44am
Here's a few pix with the WB corrected in Lightroom...

Apr-03-2008, 5:46am
Another...gotta love RAW files.

Apr-03-2008, 5:48am
Last one...

Ivan Kelsall
Apr-03-2008, 6:25am
As usual Hans,another incredible looking instrument,which i'm sure sounds equally good.
Re.your logo - it does look a bit 'cramped'. Have you considered just your initials JB,inlaid in your usual script instead ?.It would look equally nice & enable you to place your logo closer to the top centre of the headstock,

Bertram Henze
Apr-03-2008, 7:09am
Have you considered just your initials JB
...like this (http://www.scotchwhisky.net/images/blends/jnb.jpg)?

Bertram Henze
Apr-03-2008, 7:27am
... or like this?

Apr-03-2008, 7:35am
I used to use a JB logo a long time ago, but was told early on that mandolins "required" names. I tend to agree. Gibson's A5 was a bit cramped too. At least I didn't cut off part of the logo...

Ivan Kelsall
Apr-04-2008, 3:00am
Bertram's second post was what i had in mind,although his first had a certain attraction
to it. On a personal basis,i'd rather have just the initials than a cramped-up full name. As you say Hans,at least you did have to cut off part of your logo. I think that Gibson headstock just looks scruffy & not thought out very well.
I'm sure that the owners of your Mandolins are much more concerned with the playability & the tone than the logo anyway - i certainly would be,

Apr-04-2008, 4:58am
In defense of Gibson (not that they need defending) that was a one-off instrument. Don't think anyone would mind having it even with the scruffy peghead! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif
Here's mine with the cramped logo. I have thought about cutting off the J. Probably would fit better, but changes the logo.

Bertram Henze
Apr-04-2008, 5:38am
I have thought about cutting off the J. Probably would fit better, but changes the logo.
Might open up a whole new world of possibilities...

Apr-04-2008, 10:11am
Didn't you used to use just the letter "B" as a sort of crest? I seem to remember seeing one or two of those pictured somewhere.

Apr-04-2008, 11:50am
If I had a Gilchist, Dudenbostel, or a Brentrup I would want that written allllll the way out. For these traditional mandolins, even Han's non-trad ones, I would want his name on it.


Apr-04-2008, 12:32pm
Then maybe Hans needs to change his name. Something like "John Brent". "The Brent" would fit nicely on a headstock and it would be a great stage name if he ever wanted to give up making mandolins and become an actor in Hollywood.

Jim Nollman
Apr-04-2008, 12:50pm
Hans, i believe we met briefly at Wintergrass, i was amazed by the sound of one of your instruments. I seem to recall it was a 2-point.

I notice that the pickguard of this instrument actually covers almost half of the lower f-hole. I have a mandolin that does the same thing. I love the tone of mine, but i've always wondered if it would be substantially louder, with no loss of tone, if i took off the pickguard completely, or even if I whittled it down so it did not intrude at all over that f-hole.

So I'm curious to see yours. How does a pickguard that covers a soundhole affect both the tone and volume of an instrument?

Apr-04-2008, 1:05pm
That's why I got a Poe!

Apr-05-2008, 5:36am
Yikes! I'm goin' back to the old headstock! #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

Wesley, I did use a crest that was a B, but kinda looked like a JB...some old German script or something like that. A number of those floating around. Won't be changing my name soon, and don't think I would be so presumptuous as to use "The" in front of my name. #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif I might just split the JB next time...
Jim, I think most builders agree that the pickguard essentially is invisible sonically, does not change the volume. Loars have huge pickguards that cover over half the ff hole, and they work fine. No one has ever complained about the loudness of my instruments.

Apr-05-2008, 7:07am
If I had a Gilchist, Dudenbostel, or a Brentrup I would want that written allllll the way out. #For these traditional mandolins, even Han's non-trad ones, I would want his name on it.

"Hans" on the headstock, "Brentrup" on the taipiece cover... easy does it...

Mario Proulx
Apr-05-2008, 10:10am
Hans, I think it's perfectly fine just the way you have it. I wouldn't change a thing!

Nick Triesch
Apr-05-2008, 10:36am
Have you ever seen an Apitius headstock? It sure has not hurt him! I think you mandolins are perfect Hans. Nick

Apr-08-2008, 7:33am
Thanks guys...
Steve, while it is a James tailpiece, at this price point, there is no logo on the tailpiece. This is about as "lean" as I can make an A #and still have the quality I want to maintain.

Rick Banuelos
Apr-08-2008, 10:23am
Holy FRICK, Hans.

Looking forward to seeing your instruments again at IBMA this year.

Chris Biorkman
Apr-08-2008, 10:25am
Nice work, Hans. I don't mind the positioning of your name on the headstock. It looks fine to me.

Apr-08-2008, 12:17pm
I tell you what, if I ever take pictures of my instruments, I am going to get a nice painting liked that for the background. It makes a real classy shot, and enhances the elegance of the mandolin!!!