View Full Version : He's baaaaaack!

Ted Eschliman
Apr-01-2008, 5:55am
Glad to see this master craftsman back on the bench again after an 18 month hiatus:


More info: The Arrow Returns (http://jazzmando.com/new/archives/000768.shtml)

Apr-01-2008, 6:56am
Oooo. Will the G-style be back too?

Apr-01-2008, 8:23am
I'll take the one in front.

Apr-01-2008, 9:19am
I like the middle. Someone buy it for me for my birthday, puh-leeeze.


Apr-01-2008, 9:21am
I always liked his stuff. Such fresh, innovative ideas. And they look purty too!!

Ted Eschliman
Apr-01-2008, 10:05am
Yes, they do!


Brad Weiss
Apr-01-2008, 10:32am
Oh cruel temptations!! I just shelled out for a 1920 A4 (coming soon), but I've been looking for Mr. Lestock's website since I played a G style at the Symposium last year. SuuWeet! #I fear something's gotta give...

Apr-01-2008, 10:48am
I'll take the second from the left, too, as long as I'm dreaming.

Jim MacDaniel
Apr-01-2008, 11:10am
Love the amber top in the quiver pic.

james condino
Apr-02-2008, 1:19am
I'll take the one on the far right.


Bryan Monarch
Apr-02-2008, 1:54am
I'm with Andrew, I'll take the second from the Left too.

G. Fisher
Apr-02-2008, 6:54am
Ted do you have prices?

steve V. johnson
Apr-03-2008, 8:46am
Ooooh, no... my G-octave lust returns...

O, my...


Bob DeVellis
Apr-03-2008, 10:27am
Those swoopy pointy ones are among my favorite new designs for mandolin. Very, very nice.

Brad Weiss
Apr-03-2008, 10:31am
I'll take the second from the left, too, as long as I'm dreaming.
Hey, Andrew, quit dreaming, just build it!!


Apr-05-2008, 11:01am
Aw shucks,
You folks are way too nice- don't you know I have these things made in the far east [Rhode Island] by disadvantaged trolls, who send them to me in massive quantities where I put my label on them?
Well it's nice to be building again, boy did I miss it!
New in the Arrow line [besides a few new guitar styles] is the new family of Major Fifth instruments.
The prototype work on the tenor guitar, mandola and cello is complete,3 years of tweaking and re-calibrating, but well worth it. Hope to send some pictures soon.
The new website should be up soon-arrowacoustic.com, in the meantime Ted has my contact info!