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Mar-25-2008, 12:11am
I tried one of these at a festival last fall, and I fell in love with it. This is what got me into tenor guitars in the first place. Wonderful sound and I found it very easy to get my arms around. I jammed a bit with it and loved it.

One thing I really appreciated was the position dot on the 10th fret, not the 9th as some other tenor guitars, and mandolins for that matter. I really have come to depend on that tenth fret marker to orient myself when I play up the neck, and when the ninth fret is marked I get all messed up.

Let me say I have absolutely no financial interest in the company. I met the company founder, who was selling them out of her van at the festival, and they really seem like nice folks. I like them, their product, and I wish them well.

Some specs I got off their up and coming web site.

The one I played was a TenorTone Model JD1:

21" Scale Length
32" Total Length
Upper Bout 8"
Lower Bout 11"

All mahogany body
Flattop, round sound hole with wood-inlaid
Black plastic binding
Ladder bracing
Banjo-style peghead with an ebony peghead
Ebony fretboard with abalone dots
(5th, 7th and 10th fret positions)
5-Star geared planetary tuners
Bone nut
Floating bridge made of ebony

Other models will include spruce top, wood binding.

For your consideration.

Mar-25-2008, 11:50am
Here's the Fletcher Website (http://fletcherinstruments.com/index.html). Those look very nice.