View Full Version : Newest  bulldog  f 5

barry k
Mar-18-2008, 8:16pm
just finished this one today. Has the Bulldog headstock and parallel tonebars. Birdseye maple back and sides. I like the look of that wood,and it sounds great too.

Kevin Briggs
Mar-18-2008, 8:16pm
Sweet, Barry!

Any sound clips?

barry k
Mar-18-2008, 8:20pm
and a close up of the front

barry k
Mar-18-2008, 8:21pm
.....and the headstock, my wife does a great job on the inlay, takes a lot of patience

barry k
Mar-18-2008, 8:24pm
and if your still not bored....the back hope yall enjoy

...oh and soundclips are something we are working on, we think we have it solved and will post on website very soon

barry k
Mar-18-2008, 8:26pm
I couldnr resist one more...

Skip Kelley
Mar-18-2008, 8:34pm
Barry, Nice job! I love that birdseye maple! I hope your upcoming back surgery goes well!

barry k
Mar-18-2008, 11:16pm
Thanks Skip, My back is so jacked up, they cant even cut or scrape anymore , so im having a spinal stimulator installed (like a pacemaker for the spinal cord) blocks pain signals to the brain. So in the future I'll be like the bionic man. The docs put one in as a temporary trial period for 5 days, and low and behold , it worked. technology huh??

Pete Braccio
Mar-19-2008, 2:12am
Hi Barry,

I wish you the best of luck with your surgery. I'll be thinking about you.

I had a couple of disks removed from my neck last year and everything went great. I was home playing Bulldog #1 the next day.


P.S. That is one great looking mando. I really like that headstock design. I'm happy that you're using it again.

Mar-19-2008, 6:47am
wow! very nice!