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Jun-19-2004, 4:58am
would anyone familiar with the south american repertoire be able to recommend a book or collection of traditional, south american "folk" tunes written for the mandolin - especially those creditied to our prolific old friend and composer, "anon."?

thank you - bill

Jul-09-2004, 11:27pm
There are two tabs to Venezuelan tunes in the tablature section.

Jul-10-2004, 1:33am
thanks for that. the two pieces from venezuela are credited to someone but the "schottische from lima" is exactly the sort of thing i'm looking for.

thanks again - bill

John Flynn
Jul-10-2004, 9:54am
There are potentially three on the Buckhannon Bother's CD "Little River Stomp." "Mi Suegra Aprienta Mis Botas," "Brazilian Tune" and "Paloma Blanca." BTW, this CD is a "must have," IMHO if you are interested in old-time mandolin. No financial interest here, but it can be ordered at this link:

Paul Kotapish
Jul-12-2004, 1:49pm
the "schottische from lima" is exactly the sort of thing i'm looking for
Hey Bill,

The "Schottishe from Lima" is not from Lima, Peru, and it's definitely not from Latin America. It's from Lima, Sweden, and it's a Swedish fiddle tune. Lima is in the Dalarna region, home to one of the most important Swedish fiddling traditions.

I learned the tune from my old pal Ruthie Dornfeld, who learned the tune in Sweden and recorded it with her American/Scandinavian ensemble, the American Café Orchestra.

Good luck on the search for Latin American tune notation. The resources are pretty scarce. There are quite a few collections of Brazillian choros for mandolin, but most of those tunes are credited to know composers. Here's a link to a choro-oriented label that provides some online sheet music for some of the tunes on their recordings.


Jul-12-2004, 2:04pm
thanks paul. i went to a university near lima, ohio, briefly and i felt sure it wasn't from there. had no idea about lima, sweden though. i haven't had a chance to translate the tabulature for my charango yet. it's just as well you told me as i would have made a real fool of myself trying squeeze sweden into peru.

thanks again - bill