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Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 2:56pm
The gentleman who now owns this piece

1. Selected all of the wood for his instrument at our school.

2. Has been playing fiddle from a very young age.

3. Is an avid fisherman (if you couldn't guess).

For STV:

Standard Scale Length (14")

Port Orford Cedar top
One Piece Back
Custom Inlays (Mayfly on the 12th fret)
Tung-oiled Neck
Hand-laminated Bindings
High-Gloss True Spirit Varnish

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 2:57pm

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 2:58pm
12th Fret Detail

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 2:59pm
Binding Detail

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 3:00pm
Heel Cap Detail

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 3:01pm
Headstock Detail

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 3:14pm
More Headstock detail

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 3:14pm
Even MORE headstock detail

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 3:15pm
Sorry. Here's the photo.

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 3:17pm
Neck Detail

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 3:18pm
Side Dots

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 3:19pm
Rib Detail

Mar-14-2008, 3:20pm
As a stream ecologist let me say nicely done. Also, I can ID the mayfly to genus since it only has 2 cerci (tails) assuming it's a north american taxa. Most likely Stenonema femoratum. Hey, the owner may care. Of course the salmonid looks a lot like Oncorhynchus mykiss - the rainbow trout, but there are so many species out your way it's hard to say.[/I]

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 3:27pm
Right you are on both counts.

When I was growing up, my mom was partial to O. Nerka; I always thought it was a bit stinky.

I've always been partial to Mykiss myself; I used to catch steelhead growing up.

Mar-14-2008, 3:28pm
Impressive. You guys ought to throw in a hook inlaid Wood Nymph! The binding and esp. the side dots are nice details.


Mar-14-2008, 3:33pm
Sweeeeet! #I'm so inspired, I'm going thru my rod cases and checking my fly boxes. Spring has sprung! Hows that Cedar top sound?

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 3:37pm
Like Red Spruce.

Mar-14-2008, 4:22pm
I was lucky enough to hear Jeff Parker of the Dailey & Vincent band at the Arygle Bluegrass festival. He was palying a Weber Elite - and it sounded great. Matter of fact he played it rather well too. A good match of musician and instrument.

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 4:55pm
Oh, did I EVER love Jeff's mandolin. If I remember, Kevin liked it, too.

It had one of the most beautiful quilted backs I've ever seen.

Mar-14-2008, 6:23pm
Any oil on that neck? If so, what do you use?

Rick Banuelos
Mar-14-2008, 8:47pm
There's Tung Oil on the neck, but I'll have to get back to you on Monday as to which brand...

Ivan Kelsall
Mar-15-2008, 5:18am
Yet ANOTHER stunner !!. I think that the absence of marker dots on a fingerboard looks excellent (John Reischmans's new Heiden for instance) & i much prefer markers on the side as in this one. Jeff parker's Mandolin (which i assume it is) looks to be about as perfect as you can get.The colour,the scalloped fingerboard,everything looks wonderful,

Mark Walker
Mar-15-2008, 6:40am
That would be your basic cosmic CUSTOM mandolin!

Excellent in all respects! LOVE that inlay! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Lane Pryce
Mar-15-2008, 10:17am
I totally dig it. Very nice. Lp

Mar-15-2008, 10:25am
That one-piece back looks like a sunset reflected on the surface of a stream. Love it.


Ken Olmstead
Mar-16-2008, 10:42pm
Nice example of Weber craftsmanship and refection of the owner. SWEET!