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Feb-04-2004, 1:04pm
Hey folks
What is the latest reputation on Kentucky mandolins? Seemed to be getting a bad vibe after the switch to China. I am really impressed with the look of the km 750. Any thoughts? If I want to go with a radius fretboard in that price range am I better off with the Michael Kelly?

Feb-04-2004, 3:52pm
As far as I know, Kentucky does not make a radiused fretboard mandolin in th <$1000 price range (I could be wrong).
I heard a lot of good things about the MK that I'm looking into them as a purchase towards the end of the year. I also understand that you need to check each MK out beacause there may be some difference between the mandolins, even the same style/model.
There is a luthier in Arkansas (Hummingbird Mandolins) that are in your price range that have radiused fretboards for a little more money. I would also look into Elven Wood Mandolins although I'm unsure about the radiused fretboard.

Feb-04-2004, 6:07pm
Yes, the 750 is radius.

Feb-05-2004, 9:26am
I stand corrected. Thank you Neil, I was giving information I received from a dealer. I should have taken it with a grain of salt since he generally only has one or two mandos in stock. My apologies for giving incorect info.

Coy Wylie
Feb-05-2004, 10:51am

I started several months ago on a Kentucky 630 from China. I didn't care for it at all. I sold it and bought the MK Legacy Classic with a radiused board. This is a wonderful mando for the money spent. I will soon upgrade to a Sullivan bridge to hold off MAS until I can put together more $$'s

On the other hand, I've had an opportunity to play some of the older Korean and Japanese Kentuckys and was very pleased.