View Full Version : Custom sully's strap

Mar-01-2008, 12:12pm
Sully is getting pretty good at turniong out Mando straps.

I jsut got this one to go with my new Weber


Dan Voight
Mar-02-2008, 1:26pm
I like that shoulder pad. I think I might fab one myself

Steve Perry
Mar-03-2008, 12:11pm
Nice!... I like the color. Is that one of his vintage straps?

Mar-03-2008, 1:10pm
I have bought several of Sully's vintage straps and love them all. The shoulder straps are real comfortable, and the workmanship is first rate. I have a couple that I'd be willing to part with- email for specifics. Thanks

Mike Bunting
Mar-03-2008, 3:20pm
They are the best, I have two mando and a guitar strap from Sully, and he is great to deal with too.