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oldwave maker
Feb-24-2008, 1:37pm
I was sorry to miss Gail Hester and her great Griffith A copies, even after standing by the dumpster for hours salvaging guitar strings! next year....here is Chris Standridge of Carver mandolins- it wasnt even dark out and things were getting fuzzy~~~~~~

oldwave maker
Feb-24-2008, 1:40pm
Hans Brentrup and his delicious Griffith A5 copy, really had a Boom to it! I paid him $2 to hold mine!

oldwave maker
Feb-24-2008, 1:45pm
The only known photograph of Fletcher Brock. We discussed his upcoming series of Real mandolin tasting photos, complete with eating utensils, napkins, and lobster bib.

oldwave maker
Feb-24-2008, 1:48pm
Met Jim Schumont of Portland Or. at his booth, a new builder I'd like to go to for finish lessons!

Magnus Geijer
Feb-24-2008, 2:24pm
Man, I wish I'd gotten to go this year. I had to stay home and snack on a Korean made Kentucky. Tasted like banjo.

Mr. Bussmann, thank you for brightening my day.


Gail Hester
Feb-24-2008, 3:51pm
I'm really sorry I missed you Bill but here's one from last year tasting my F4.

Feb-24-2008, 3:59pm
My Fletcher Brock tastes like chicken!

Feb-24-2008, 4:00pm
But plays like filet mignon!

Feb-24-2008, 4:29pm
I sure wish I could afford to snack like that. But I did get a chance to play the mandolins mentioned, as well as some offered in a few other locations.

Each of these guys showed mandos that were very nice. I ain't being polite, these were nice instruments, that presented well in that noisy room.

Jim Schumont's instruments struck an aesthetic chord with me--by virtue of their use of color contrast, straight forward design. And a nice guy, too.

Standridge's "Carver" mando display included 2-point, blackface and sunburst F-style morsels. Chris has a good eye for aesthetics, and a creative streak that I like in a luthier.

Brentrup's "modern-style" mandos were even more appealing in person than in pictures. These beauties looked and sounded fantastic. Hans was generous with his time and thoughts, and I regret that I was unable to get back on Sunday for a more relaxed audition.

Lou Scuderi
Feb-24-2008, 4:59pm
Nice collection, Bill, but I've got to say that in all of my mandotasting adventures, I've found only a few instruments that I'd consider tastier than ol' no. 83. Wish I could've been there, though, I never pass up an opportunity to play new mandos.

Feb-25-2008, 11:37am
My Fletcher Brock tastes like chicken!
That depends on how ya cook it Frank!

Man, I wish I coulda been there.

G. Fisher
Feb-25-2008, 11:50am
Hey Pete,

How was Mexico? Come across quality mandos?

Feb-25-2008, 4:41pm
No, just some tasty tequila! Did you go to WG this year?

G. Fisher
Feb-25-2008, 6:04pm
Yes, I made it this year and brought my wife and daughter. The good news is Sadie likes the music. The bad news was Monica Sadie both got sick and I got to play nurse for part of the weekend.

Feb-26-2008, 10:47am
That's a bummer! I just heard that the cruise ship that left right after we returned came down with 100 cases of the Norwalk virus - yikes!

Did you bring multiple mandos as usual? Was ol' Smolt there too?

I'm anxious to hear about the Stringdusters and Punch Bros performances as well.

Feb-26-2008, 5:47pm
Bill, I used that 2 bucks to buy a set of sunglasses for the next time I have to look at your eyes! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif
Great to see ya again!