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Magnus Geijer
Feb-22-2008, 10:21pm
I finally got #4 done. It's amazing how much the addition of a baby can reduce ones time in the shop. This one wasn't even supposed to happen. I carved a top too thinly (0.06 recurve, anyone?) due to a thickness caliper going awry. At the time, I put it aside as a lost cause, as I'm too stingy to live down actually throwing anything away. Later on, I found worm holes in a headstock, so that went in the same pile. I somehow managed to get a center line drift off course when drilling the dots, so that's a finger board to match. Some spill pieces of maple, slab cut and slip matched made a back that I carved mainly for practice, without really having a particular mandolin in mind.

At this point the pile was pretty much just a set of rims away from a mandolin, and it occurred to me that going to four strings would solve both the worm holes in the head stock and the thin top. Cue #4. It's the first four-string I've ever even held, and I enjoy playing it so much I may stick to four-strings for when I build them for myself in the future.



Magnus Geijer
Feb-22-2008, 10:23pm
The required back shot. Not too bad for $4.50 per square foot.



Magnus Geijer
Feb-22-2008, 10:25pm
And one to show up the carving. Tuners from an old electric guitar.


Ok, I'll stop now, just had to share.


Feb-22-2008, 11:28pm
That's awesome magnus! I'd love to check that out sometime... you're in KY right?

Magnus Geijer
Feb-25-2008, 7:33pm
I sure am. In Frankfort, to be specific.