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Brandon Flynn
Feb-19-2008, 5:32pm
I've been browsing the new tenor thread here and have gotten FAS (fifths acquisition syndrome) as someone else said. I'm going to start saving money, but I'm not quite sure which instrument I want yet. I'm ruling out mandocello and tenor banjo for the moment, although I want both in the future. I'm torn between the tenor and the mandola. Does anyone have or know of any sound clips of tenors or mandolas and/or bands that use them. I don't have much of an idea of the sound of either. Also, can you use the same set of strings for the CGDA and GDAE tunings? If you were to use octave mandolin strings, would you get the same sound as tenor guitar strings (my friend has a tenor that I think he puts octave strings on, I could try it out).

Feb-20-2008, 3:24pm
There's some great tenor guitar playing (and obviously great tenor banjo too!) on John Carty's "I Will If I Can" CD. Not sure if that's available on iTunes or not. You might check out John's website, which I think is www.johncarty.com (if the .com doesn't work for you then try .ie)


Avi Ziv
Feb-20-2008, 3:39pm
Jill - that Eleanor Neary's set is gorgeous! I was at a house concert that John did a year ago or so and was hoping he would have his tenor guitar...but no.. So (on a break)I asked him to show me how he plays Eleanor Neary's on his banjo. He made is sound so smooth and elegant on the banjo - I was in awe. he is also a fine flute player. Now that's just wrong...