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Jan-01-2008, 2:24pm
I refurbished this old Stella tenor for my daughter for Christmas so here's a few pic's. A "Ebay special" it was beat all to hell and needed a new nut, fret work, bridge work and of course the gun metal black "stealth" paint job. Not too bad for my $37.00 and some time on the work bench.

Jan-01-2008, 2:26pm

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Jan-01-2008, 2:31pm
last one showing how I shoulda uses some filler before my spray can job of painting...oh well, its for playing.

Jan-01-2008, 9:33pm

I've owned a few of those through the years. $37.00 is a pretty good price.

Jan-02-2008, 8:05am
Hey Jeff, a Stellath! Looks good...you're hooked. #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Jan-02-2008, 9:34am
Hey that looks all-right! While it may not look quite like Hans' work, you resuscitated something that can make music again. That's pretty noble in itself. I'm pretty sure Hans would agree. I would actually like to get a tenor guitar and tune it GDAE like an octave, myself.


Jan-02-2008, 10:15am
[QUOTE]tune it GDAE like an octave, myself.

Thats how its tuned .042, .032, .022, .012 respectively. Its sounds surprisingly good for what it is. This thing has braces inside that are beefy to say the least! Maybe the next basket case I tackle I'll remove the back and shave the braces some. Speaking of "Basket Case", thats the song she's working on now...Green Day is her favorite band.

Doug Edwards
Jan-02-2008, 10:59am
Looks good.

Surprisingly another Stella converstion. I converted my first guitar, a 1960 1/2 Stella guitar to an OM. I still need to come up with a tailpiece to finish it out. Too many projects going on.

Jan-05-2008, 8:58am
Did you do all the inlay work on that Doug? I thought about inlaying the headstock with something but decided with my low-tech paint job it'd be more of a pain than anything else to get something decent. Im with ya on the projects in motion...I got 3 others going and not enough time to move much forward on them. My wood is getting some extra seasoning time...yea, thats it! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wow.gif

Doug Edwards
Jan-05-2008, 9:24am
I did all the inlay, except the dots on the tenor banjo. I use a Demmel with a StewMac router base and pre-cut inlays from Andy Depaule. I made a new Rosewood finger board for the Stella. The origional crumbled when I heated it up to remove. Rosewood overlay on the peghead, Mahogany veneer on the peghead back, and Mahogany binding on the body. I used some leftover binding, w/b/w on the peghead and finger board. A lot of the materials used were leftovers from other projects. Finished with StewMaC's spray can guitar finish. Far, far, far from perfect, but it looks nice and helped me gain some more experience.


Jan-05-2008, 9:25am
Greenday on a refurbished Stella Tenor

I dig it all the way

Jan-05-2008, 10:09am
[QUOTE]Far, far, far from perfect, but it looks nice and helped me gain some more experience.

Yep...Im still working up to my first mandolin build, but I've fixed/made playable lots of guitars, mando's and a few banjos.

Andy has some nice stuff, he even used my Junebug design on his webpage of stuff he's done.