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Oct-08-2006, 1:31pm
Does anyone have and play a tenor guitar? Why would someone play a TG instead of a guitar or mandolin or zouk for that matter? Am going to play one but of course I need to check with the experts. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wow.gif

Oct-08-2006, 1:42pm
Have one (pre-war Martin 0-17T), love it. Definitely enhances the mandolin experience (I started as a guitar player). I think you'll find that you NEED a tenor guitar. And maybe a plectrum guitar too! And, then electric tenor...


Oct-08-2006, 1:56pm
Lots of people here play them, and they get discussed regularly; do a search. It's in my wishlist, perhaps after the Ovation cello.

Oct-08-2006, 2:52pm
Mixed feelings...

I had one for a while and enjoyed playing it because I knew the shapes and understood the system. But someone pointed out that you have to be careful about learning bad habits moving up to notes you can play out of first position on the mando and I paid close attention and sure enough, I was doing that some (on the mando after playing the TG).

Oct-08-2006, 3:55pm
I've never worried too much about my bad habits, and I love my resonator tenor http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Oct-08-2006, 4:28pm
Don't get me wrong; I think it is a good little instrument. It's just something to be aware of and careful about, not necessarily a reason not to play it.

Oct-08-2006, 4:57pm
As always, these topic send me on a window shopping tour. I think the Gene Autry Tenor Guitar (http://www.elderly.com/vintage/items/80U-2018.htm) would be a "must have" if shipping from the states wasn't so ridiculous.

Love the back.

Shana Aisenberg
Oct-08-2006, 6:38pm
I have a National style 97 tenor, I usually use CGDA on it and occasionally open tunings. I've had two other tenor guitars in the past, a National triolian and a Martin T-17. Cool instruments.


Oct-08-2006, 6:55pm
heard somewhere that the guy in the kingston trio played his tenor capo'd up to have it more uke like, as that , the uke, was his other favorite instrument..

Oct-08-2006, 7:16pm
I have two and play them for fun and a change. My 1934 Gibson has a big sound and my electric tenor telecaster (Earnest) is just so much fun. You can't beat things in fifths. You will not regret getting one, Doug in Vermont

Oct-08-2006, 8:50pm
Tenor with a resonator sounds like fun. Now it is an official quest. I guess if I can transfer fingering etc from one instrument to another and get a new experience and sound it could be worth a try. Thanks.

Oct-08-2006, 10:49pm
Fingering for the tenor would be closer to an octave mandolin (or tenor banjo) than to a mandolin.

Oct-09-2006, 4:33am
I use mandolin fingerings on my tenor.. Made by a guy in England named Patrick Arbuthnot, and has the name "chanticleer" on the peghead. His quote was something like "just like that famous rooster, you can't miss either seeing or hearing this instrument"

Oct-09-2006, 10:36am
Isaw the Kingston Trio on PBS and noticed the Tenor being played high up the neck with Bar chords, not capo. I thought he may as well have been playing Mandolin.

Oct-09-2006, 12:47pm
My tenor is just a bad habit that makes me feel good! My mandolin playing has improved from playing my tenors...it has gotten my pinky WAY more involved in my playin and its helped in other areas too. Worrying about developing a bad habit on a mando from playing a tenor-guit is something that woulda never entered my pea-brain but Im in this stuff all for da fun and the weird noises I make!!!!

Oct-09-2006, 12:57pm
I came across a 60's Stella 4string guitar (probably not a true "tenor") with a straight neck and a brass (almost looks like fretwire) saddle at a swap meet for about $100. Kind of touchy to tune, but really cool tone for bluesy stuff.


Oct-09-2006, 5:21pm
I have and play a 40s Harmony flattop tenor, and a 60s Harmony archtop tenor that I converted to an 8-string OM with octave strings (a la Tim O'Brien's Nugget).. The sound is pure Harmony, which means it isn't going to make you go all dreamy, but is still pretty good. They work fine, do get played and used, and (this is the great part) cost me about $250 combined.