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Oct-02-2007, 8:16pm
Not exactly CBOM but fairly close. Wanted to notify the readership of a new release by the Colorado based band - Taarka (consisting primarily of David and Enion Tiller) "The Martian Picture Soundtrack". They bill themselves as performing "seismic gypsy hypno-jazz" and fall into that broad catagory of music loosely termed "new acoustic". Somewhat similar influences as David Grisman but with a few vocals thrown in. Enion is a violin player. David plays mandolin but also lays down rhythm and lead guitar lines with one of the new Breedlove tenor guitars (tuned GDAE). It seems that there are very few recorded samples of lead playing on a tenor guitar, especially while maintaining 5ths tuning. Tiller takes tasty tenor solos on nearly every track on the CD along with a number of mandolin solos. The tenor solos obviously would lay nicely on most octave mandolins. Enion has a nice flowing style on 5 string violin. No finanical interest. www.taarka.com


Oct-02-2007, 8:25pm
Taarka is a great band. I thought they were from Portland OR., that's were I have seen them the most. I just saw those two guys at the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern in Bellingham WA. Great group of musicians.

Oct-02-2007, 11:39pm
I believe they're in Lyons, CO now. I took a lesson from David a few months ago, with a concentration on the gypsy jazz style. Man, that guy is GOOD! Cool guy too...

Jim Garber
Oct-03-2007, 5:36am
I wrote them to tell them that they have a few missing links esp on the first few soundclips. Otherwise, pretty cool stuff.

Oct-03-2007, 11:20am
you can hear there songs on the Taarka Myspace page...I've seen David rip it up on a tenor and mandolin before they made the move to Colorado. Nice to see them and his tenor guitar getting some publicity.

Oct-03-2007, 1:16pm
Yeah, these folks are really onto something....

Great tones and original melodies, played on great sounding instruments (the late great John Sullivan made Enion's 5-string fiddle and David's F-style mandolin)....

Check 'em out....

Oct-04-2007, 7:44am
love tarrka -
not exactly CBOM - but definatley grismanish stuff
great percussion - mando and fiddle