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first string
Aug-21-2007, 11:20am
Hi guys,

Just a quick rave, and a thank you. I did some research here a few months ago about string gauges to use on my (still fairly new to me) old tenor for GDAE tuning. I found a bunch of useful posts that made me feel more confident in beefing up the strings from whatever the store had put on there. Anyway, I finally got around to changing them last night. I can't believe the difference. The tenor is about three times louder, a good deal richer, and believe it or not, it sounds much more octave mandolin like, and less like a little guitar. I thought I liked this thing before, but now I can't put it down.

So anyway, thanks. And I would encourage anyone who is like me and hates changing strings, to do some experimenting anyway. You never know what sounds are lurking in your instruments.

And for all you tenor players I went with DA EXP .042, .029, .020, .012.


Aug-21-2007, 2:55pm
cool James! I'll tell ya what tho....try a fatter G-string (Im running a .048) and you'll feel the difference, at least that's what my girlfriend said! Ever since I tuned one of my tenors to GDAE its gotten 90% of the playtime, I should probably try the others like that as well but for now I'll hold off till the strings are wore out. I hate changing out strings that aren't used up, it seems like such a waste...

I'd have to get my notebook out and its at home but if I remember correctly Im using .048, .032, .024, .012. on it right now. It sure made that guitar sound sound sweet and my flat-picked fiddle tunes sound a bit more like a regular guitar vs a tenor guit. With the string gauge calculator, a open mind and some common sense its amazing what ya can come up with isn't it! Keep on pickin that tenor!!!

first string
Aug-21-2007, 3:17pm
Thanks for the suggestion mandolooter...I might try out that even heavier G at some point, but for now I am extremely pleased. Also, I want to make sure the neck doesn't have any problems handling the increased pressure. Being that we're talking about a 67 year old instrument with no truss rod, it seems better to work my way up.

I've got to say, I can't understand why tenors aren't more popular than they are. Mine has got as much power as just about any dread I've ever played, and of course the versatility of the mando (fifths tuning and all that), and a tone which is a very nice hybrid of both. Maybe I'm just in a bragging mood today, but I can't wait to get home so I can play some more.

Aug-21-2007, 3:57pm
I agree, especially to someone like me with no guitar playing experience as mando was my first instrument. As long as ya use the string guage calculater wisely you should have no worries with tension. My current setup is a lower tension than the medium set I had on it when tuned CGDA, hence the fatter strings...they come up to pitch at or around the same tension as the others. My newest tenor is a 1933 so I understand your concern tho...lol! I had a 42 Martin 0-15T that I regret selling sometimes but they come and go it seems and my current stable is enough to keep me busy till I finsih the one Im building. Its a Maccaferri style guitar with a floating bridge, small oval soundhole, walnut back n sides, red spruce top and will hopefully be the best sounding one I own...lol, tho I highly doubt it since its my first build. Time will tell! Ok Im going to get one out, Im all worked up now!