View Full Version : Mandola 16" scale almost finished

french guy
Feb-17-2008, 7:15am
Hello all

I'm about the last parts of mandola #14 building , weather here is really fine ( global warming sometimes is good )
and I've pictured the work out of the bench .
here is the instrument .

french guy
Feb-17-2008, 7:17am

french guy
Feb-17-2008, 7:19am
peghead , no truss rod here , but carbon fiber ( 2 bars )

french guy
Feb-17-2008, 7:21am
one more of the body , spruce is from France , and maple is quilted one from US , or Canada , don't remember .

french guy
Feb-17-2008, 7:23am
The back , binding is BWB for the body and BW for the neck

french guy
Feb-17-2008, 7:26am
the place where I work , my "little" cabin home in Burgundy

Brad Weiss
Feb-17-2008, 7:55am
Comme c'est chouette! Absolument belle, le 'dola, et le "cabin" en plus.

Bonne chance! # # #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/coffee.gif

Feb-17-2008, 5:28pm
Lovely instrument. Can you comment on the design influences you see in this instrument and also on whether you had any specific reasons for selecting the various elements of the body design?

Feb-17-2008, 5:38pm
The mandola and "cabin", both magnifique!

Feb-17-2008, 7:20pm
Mandola is beautiful. The house is magnificent.

french guy
Feb-18-2008, 2:41am
Can you comment on the design influences you see in this instrument and also on whether you had any specific reasons for selecting the various elements of the body design?
Yes I'll try : as many of us I've frequently a look to what others builders makes and try to find inspiration with.
About holes , thanks you to the italian builder Mr Giacomel.
about body design , there's some parts who comes from the general breedlove design and also from a builder present here Mr Brentrup , thanks to him . Peghead is my own design but maybe someone does the same before .
It's a friend of mine who ask me for this instrument , so we have also decide togheter for the final touch ,and the final color ( black top , and natural or amber back , side and neck ).
Thanks for your comments.
I will post again when all will be finished.

Skip Kelley
Feb-18-2008, 7:50am
Jean, That is an awesome looking mandola and an equally beautiful home!

Lee Callicutt
Feb-19-2008, 9:18pm
Nice peghead, and very balanced with the body.

Feb-20-2008, 6:48am
Nice work Jean, and nice shack! I think it's great that some folks are breaking out with their own designs. Credit for the rear point however should not go to me. That idea came from Paul LeStock and his Arrow design.

french guy
Feb-20-2008, 7:02am
Thank everybody for your replies , Hans , it's the picture above which was the inspiration for this design , a mando you make several years ago ( my computer date say 2005 ).
I just regret to have make a much bigger back point . Your was more discret and better in design .

Bill Snyder
Feb-20-2008, 9:28am
Jean it looks great. You are going to post more pictures of the finished instrument aren't you?

Feb-20-2008, 9:46am
Yes Jean, and I continue to refine that design, but that point did originate with Paul as far as I know. I just have to give credit where it's due...

Feb-20-2008, 11:57am
I was wondering if the lower right curve was put there just for aesthetic purposes or if you had resting the instrument on your thigh in mind.
I, too, love the headstock. Captures the essence of the body very well.

french guy
Feb-20-2008, 2:24pm
No not with resting the instrument in mind , just esthetic
but it was really difficult for me to decide where put the hole , because of the disymetric aspect , I finally decide to respect the equal distance around the bridge .
Hans , you open my eyes about Arrow instrument , I have also in my computer two photos , but don't know who was the person, now I'm more intelligent .
It's Paul Lestock as you say .So thank you Paul

Brad Weiss
Feb-20-2008, 2:38pm
Is Paul Lestock still making instruments? Can't find his website. #I've played #one of his - I think a G5 - and it is spectacular.

Feb-20-2008, 4:20pm
That rear-facing point was also common on Knutsen instruments c.1900-1930.

Knutsen Mandolins (http://www.harpguitars.net/knutsen/mandolins.htm)