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Jun-15-2004, 4:37am
For all the jet-setters and Australians here is an event displaying the talents of the Mandolinist Michael Hooper.

Plastic Atlas is taking a rare moment when its three core members are in Sydney at the same time to present a concert of solo and chamber music by Michael Finnissy and Kirsty Beilharz. Both Andrew Robbie and Kathleen Gallagher are on vacation from their doctoral programs in the US (Robbie in music theory at Harvard, Gallagher in contemporary performance at San Diego), while Michael Hooper returns to his Sydney base after a brief Harvard residency. Consolidating the success of the first PlasticAtlas concert in August last year, the June 25 event continues a commitment to works for flexible instrumentation, revisiting key scores of the past fifty years and presenting new works by both Australian and international composers.

PlasticAtlas will present a selection of unspecified small ensemble works by Michael Finnissy. In contrast to the minimal scores of Wolff and Humberstone that dominated our first concert, Finnissyís music exploits performer freedoms in the service of great rhythmic complexity, overlaying multiple musics to create rich, detailed encounters. Included in this concert is n, an early work for any 1-4 instruments, WAM written for the Mozart bicentennial, and a recent work, Bright Future Ignoring Dark Past which Mr Finnissy has newly declared a work for piano and any two instruments on the occasion of this concert. To enrich this composer portrait, the concert will also include a selection of Finnissyís solo works from throughout his career, ranging from the blistering virtuosity of Sikangnuqa for solo flute, to the endlessly inventive Confusion in the Service of Discovery for multi-tracked solo mandolin.

The remainder of the concert presents works by a one-time student of Finnissy, Kirsty Beilharz. Robbie and Hooper both present the solo works they have premiered; Floriferous Rage, winner of the 2001 Jean Bogan prize, is a response to film-maker Derek Jarmanís Sussex sea-side garden, while Wreathed in Flames recalls the vitality of Yves Kleinís fire painting. Gallagher contributes the solo piccolo piece Burnished, and the three soloists join for the new work Microplasty, which has been commissioned for this concert.

PlasticAtlas Confusion in the service of discovery
works by Finnissy and Beilharz
Friday June 25 @ 8pm
Peter Platt Auditorium, Old Darlington School, The University of Sydney
suggested donation $20/$15; with complimentary wine