View Full Version : Ss stewart mando from the 1920's ?

Feb-05-2008, 8:54am
If anyone can fill in a little bit of info on this one I'd sure appreciate it. A couple of more pix to come.


Feb-05-2008, 8:56am
It has Brazilian rosewood veneered peg head cover and the back and sides are I believe solid Brazilian rosewood.

Feb-05-2008, 8:58am

Feb-05-2008, 9:04am
Hopefully, the thin purfling shows up on this small photo, as well as the Brazilian Rosewood; not to mention the sexy curves - did I just say that ?.

David Newton
Feb-05-2008, 9:50am
That is beautiful, but I'll leave it up to you if it's sexy or not. Is the top really that kinked by the soundhole, or is it just the pickguard? Is the binding ebony? or plastic.
I'll leave the exact determination to the more expert, but I think Boston made. I had a Whirlitzer similar, but all mahogany.

Feb-05-2008, 9:56am
That type of metal backing plate on the head stock is found on Stahl mandos made by Larson Bros of Chicago. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/rock.gif???

Feb-05-2008, 11:01am
I had a very similar 2-point mandolin as yours-see below. It was unlabeled but I presumed it came out of the L+H/Tonk/Regal permutations of 20's Chicago. (Nothing certain about this, but based on similarities to lower end Washburn 2 points from the same era.)

This style tuner coverplate was common on a lot of L+H models (as well as others) with various amounts of engraving-some decorative and some with a company name. Whatever similarities it the coverplate might have with some Stahl model the chances of it being made by Larson, however, would come close to being zero. It doesn't show the higher level of craft, wood selection, or particular detailing typical evident with Larson instruments.

Mine had a mahogany back and sides and also sported a warped soundhole area on the treble side as yours does. I thought it a fairly nice modest mandolin.

I like two point styles quite a lot. Yours appears like it may be a decent mandolin if the top sinkage/warpage is not too severe. Do you have a picture of the full back? How does it sound?


Mike Buesseler
Feb-05-2008, 12:19pm
That mando has some obvious similarities to a Vega...

Feb-05-2008, 2:12pm
Mike, what else can you tell us about your Vega? Are those the original tuners? A nice looking mandolin.

As much a fan of Vegas as I am, I would be inclined to think the 'sexier curves' are coming out of Chicago in this comparison-if we are just talking lines here. The Vega top looks like an awesome piece of wood. And it is very nicely 'accessorized.' Any more pictures?