View Full Version : Gypsy's music octave and mandocello

Alex Fields
Feb-02-2008, 11:44pm
I don't have the instruments yet but here are some pictures Walt sent me. The first four are the 'cello, last two octave.

Alex Fields
Feb-02-2008, 11:45pm
Mandocello #2

Alex Fields
Feb-02-2008, 11:48pm
Mandocello #3

Alex Fields
Feb-02-2008, 11:49pm
Mandocello #4

Alex Fields
Feb-02-2008, 11:50pm
Octave #1

Alex Fields
Feb-02-2008, 11:51pm
Octave #2

John Hill
Feb-03-2008, 9:26am
The octave looks like it has a maple back but what about the 'cello? They look pretty sweet & can't wait to hear come clips of the 'cello.

Hey Alex, did you ever give the bronze guitar Thomastik flatwounds a shot on your mando?

Alex Fields
Feb-03-2008, 12:51pm
The 'cello has cocobolo rosewood, and yeah, octave has maple, and they both have sitka spruce tops. Forgot to say that in first post.

I haven't tried those strings because I'm still waiting on Sim Daley to finish varnishing up my new mandolin and I'm just playing a cheapo temporary instrument until then. It would be kind of a waste to try out expensive strings on a bottom end mando and I don't know how well I'd be able to tell what I think of them anyway. When I get the Daley I'm going to order a bunch of different strings I haven't tried and do some experimenting.