View Full Version : An ajr, f9, and a two point.

Jan-30-2008, 10:22pm
My photo skills could use improvement, but here's my mandolins. The two point was made by James Webb of Eastern Ky. He's a good luthier but not very well known outside of his area. Its a 'Spicewood' two point.



Jan-30-2008, 11:05pm
Nice collection, Dan. Who made the banjo? Looks to have some nice mojo-character.


John Hill
Jan-30-2008, 11:58pm
Hey Dan, I'm from East KY. Where's Mr. Webb located & how about a frontal of his 2-point?

Jan-31-2008, 9:40am
I've never been able to identify the banjo. I've had experts look at it that can't identify the maker either. There are no distinguishing marks on it. I'm sure it was ordered from the Sear's catalog from Whitley County Ky. It was a gift to my Grandfather from his Uncle. I expect it to be about 125 years old, at least. His Uncle had owned and played it for years before giving it to my Grandfather.

Mr. Webb is located in Martin County Ky. The inside of my mandolin says 'Tomahawk, Ky.'. I'll turn it over for a front shot this evening and post it.


Jan-31-2008, 10:01am
Killer rigs man. Nice to see them all lined up like that. Easy access right?

John Hill
Jan-31-2008, 10:48am
Mr. Webb is located in Martin County Ky. #The inside of my mandolin says 'Tomahawk, Ky.'. #
Oh yes I'm very familiar with Martin County & Tomahawk although I don't get back there very often anymore.

Nice to know there's someone in that region making good instruments, at least I trust it's a good mando. Do you have a way of contacting him? I'm thinking it would be very cool to own a "back home" mandolin.