View Full Version : Identical twins?

barry k
Jan-30-2008, 1:52pm
Heres a pair I have been working on for a while, they are about 3-4 days from being strung up. same top woods, sides and necks. F5 is 1 piece back (bubbled) F4 is 2 piece back, and cut from the same milled lumber, but wow what a difference !! Both are X braced tops. Have to final sand today.

barry k
Jan-30-2008, 1:54pm
heres a pic of the backs

barry k
Jan-30-2008, 1:55pm
and the headstocks

Jan-30-2008, 5:49pm
Beautiful looking instruments! I'm betting they'll sound as good as they look.

Chris Biorkman
Jan-30-2008, 6:26pm
Nice work, Barry.

Jan-30-2008, 7:21pm
These look beautiful, Barry!

Jan-30-2008, 8:14pm
I'm looking forward to hearing how they sound in relation to each other. Beautiful.


Jan-30-2008, 9:15pm
Real handsome pair of instruments there! I got to hear a Bulldog at the Mandolin Symposium last year and it had very nice tone and volume.