View Full Version : "farewell to long hollow" trio video

Red Henry
Jan-25-2008, 2:18pm
Howdy, Folks-- Last week, our son Chris played a great night at the Station Inn in Nashville, and I just wanted to post this little clip of a mandolin trio we played during the last set. Chris, John Frazier, and I were doing Monroe's tune "Farewell to Long Hollow", with Chris on the lead, John on the treble, and myself playing the low part.


Chris is playing Randy Wood F-5 #1281, and I'm playing Randy Wood #1.

That's Jason Carter coming in on fiddle at the end.


Tom C
Jan-25-2008, 2:47pm
Cool. That sounds like a nice tune to learn too.

Chris "Bucket" Thomas
Jan-25-2008, 2:50pm
Very Nice !

Jan-25-2008, 2:56pm
So cool!!!!

Jan-25-2008, 3:15pm
You need to learn that one Bucket. I've about got it down. Awesome pickin!

Jan-28-2008, 10:55am
IS that Mike Bub on Bass?

Red Henry
Jan-28-2008, 11:03am
Sure is. With Charlie Cushman on banjo, and Jason Carter on fiddle (off-camera).


Milan Christi
Jan-28-2008, 3:32pm
Thanks for sharing! Very cool!