View Full Version : Custom Octave Bridger

Jun-12-2004, 3:05pm
Hey guys,
Check out my friend's new Custom Octave Bridger. #It has a custom fern inlay on the peghead, fern inlays on the fingerboard and custom herringbone rosette. #It's a beauty and sounds hauntingly beautiful!!!!

Jun-12-2004, 3:08pm
Here's the back...

Jun-12-2004, 3:10pm
Here's a full shot...

Jun-12-2004, 6:39pm
Nice !!!! I like the Flamey back and the color is cool too.

Jun-12-2004, 7:16pm
Really nice -- nice yard too.

I have a sunburst Bridger mandola that I have really grown to love. It sounds great. I wish it looked as nice as yours.

You are probably not interested in messing with something that pretty, but a Fishman Rare Earth pickup will fit in the soundhole and is awesome in a band situation.


Jun-12-2004, 7:41pm
yummmmmmmmmmm! never played a briger octave. but the bridger mando (only tried the a, not the f) continues to be my current favorite modern day mando (can't help it, the vega sound is my all time love). i assume the octave is just as incredible. congrats!

Jun-12-2004, 8:53pm
Wow! That's really beautiful!

Question: Is the inside of the soundhole bound? I've been looking hard at Bridgers, and there's A LOT of wood up there by the fingerboard end.. I've wondered how it would look bound. Do you have a closeup pic of the rosette?

Jun-13-2004, 6:30am
Thanks to all who have commented on my new bridger octave, especially my dear friend who posted the pictures. I wish you could all play it. It sounds as incredible as it looks. I can't get over the rich tone - and it's just a baby! When it really opens they'll hear it in heaven and hell. Delsbrother asked about a closeup of the sound hole - Weber posted several pictures on their website including the rosette under all their "custom" features. The hole is bound. Hoyt suggested a pic up - I had one installed by Weber. I'm the biggest mic spas ever. I either wonder away from it or bang the hell out of it with my instrument!