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Red Henry
Jan-22-2008, 8:56pm
Folks, here's a link for a video I just put on YouTube, with four of us (Red Henry and Friends) playing my tune "Helton Creek" at the Florida Folk Festival


Here, I'm playing Randy Wood #3, a mandolin which belonged to Bill Monroe.

...and while I'm at it, I'll include this old 1981 video of us (Red and Murphy & Co.) playing Nancy Pate's song "Mountain Laurel Man" at Bullwinkle's in Tallahassee:


Here, I'm picking Randy Wood #1, which I've owned since 1971.


Jan-22-2008, 9:19pm
Very nice Red! Thanks for sharing.

Steve Cantrell
Jan-22-2008, 9:23pm
Great picking, Red. I learned to play my first tune from Murphy on one of her tapes. Your family is bursting with talent.

Salty Dog
Jan-28-2008, 12:43am
No wonder you are such a great picker, Red. #I have only seen long slender fingers like yours once before - in pictures of Nate Bray.

Jan-28-2008, 2:12pm
Hey thanks for sharing, that's some nice, blazin' fast picking you have going on there, I enjoyed the videos.