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Andrew DeMarco
Jan-20-2008, 5:13pm
...to treat my MAS. This is bad, guys. I didn't believe you...but now I haven't a choice...resistance is futile...

I upgraded from my Fender to a black-top tortoise-binding Collings MT yesterday (it has attitude...) from Mando Bros......I played every mando in the store...

I now feel compelled to also purchase this new A-9 I played and fell in love with, and in the future acquire a matching Collings black-top F.

Anyway, I am waiting for it to be delivered (so as to avoid taxes...) and since today is sunday, tomorrow is a holiday, it will ship tuesday, arriving wednesday. Then I'll post pics, because I'm absolutely stoked.

Jan-20-2008, 9:01pm
I bought mine and had it shipped to me in Jersey and the two days were the longest two days of my life.

Chris Biorkman
Jan-20-2008, 9:12pm
Or you could just save your money and go all out for one mandolin.

Jan-21-2008, 7:20am
Mandolins, like a new driver in golf, will be sweet to you when you are dating, but can change when you marry them. I recommend if you have one you love to stick with her. The one you can live with for the long haul is the one that counts.

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