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Brad H
Jan-17-2008, 6:31am
Hey Y'all, here is my no. 18 I just finished yesterday. Usually I try to set my mandolins up for better pictures, especially to show to you folks... but all I had time for was these quickies before I took the mandolin to meet its new owner, Aaron Williams of the Kenny and Amanda Smith band. Aaron will be taking this thing into the studio next week so he needed the chance to beat it in right. I was lucky enough to have Aaron and Kenny down to my shop while this mandolin was in the white and I got some video of Aaron jamming on it ( www.myspace.com/hillmandolins to see!!!)
The mandolin has a red spruce top and blistered sugar maple back, sides and neck all from my dad's mill. Aaron wanted the strait cut fingerboard extention and the banjo fretwire with no raduis, which is a neat combination that works very well. It has black binding on the top and back and a dark burst to suit.
Aaron said he'd probably be in for a fret dressing in a few months so I'll try to get some better pictures then. Hope you like!!!

Brad H
Jan-17-2008, 6:32am

Brad H
Jan-17-2008, 6:34am

Brad H
Jan-17-2008, 6:35am
Headstock with my new logo

Brad H
Jan-17-2008, 6:36am
Last one

Bill James
Jan-17-2008, 8:15am
Nice work Brad!

Kevin K
Jan-17-2008, 8:29am

Ahh, that looks good. Nice and clean.
Can't wait to hear it.

Jan-17-2008, 8:41am
Brad, man alive that really looks great, of course all of your mandolins look great and sound great. Still planning on coming to see your shop-----soon!!!!!!!!!

Skip Kelley
Jan-17-2008, 12:54pm
Brad, awesome looking mandolin! I really like the new logo. It compliments the peghead shape!