View Full Version : New daley #62

Jan-08-2008, 9:02am
Sorry for the learning curve, but here are some pics, hopefully

Jan-08-2008, 9:04am

Jan-08-2008, 9:05am
Big Joe suggested I order the one piece back. Great idea...

Jan-08-2008, 9:06am

Jan-08-2008, 9:07am
The whole stable.

Jan-08-2008, 9:10am
Lastly. Left to Right...Daley Vintage, '03 Gibson MM, "05 Chris Stanley. All were new and have been or will be self distressed

Jan-08-2008, 9:24am
Very nice collection. Thanks for the pics.

Jan-08-2008, 9:26am
Sorry for "fianally" to all the English majors, I was proud to finally get the pics resized and posted. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the views. Sim was pretty easy to work with. I drove down and selected the wood (red Spruce and Virginia maple ). The wood was from some old stock he knew about. I wanted pretty traditional colors, fittings, and setup. I tested in the white for the neck, then he asked me to play before the final finishing. I wanted to bring out the E string more and he did just as I asked. Build time was a long 23 months, with some of the delay being the varnish finish. Thanks again for the looks.

Rick Crenshaw
Jan-12-2008, 9:42am
Dusty, I'd be glad to hear your impressions comparing the tone of those three fine mandolins.

Danny Clark
Jan-12-2008, 10:35am
I like my Daley A so much i am tempted to order an F-5 from him,i only ordered the A because i wanted a good A ,i already have some good Fs,now i find myself playing the A 3/4 of the time.

Jan-12-2008, 11:54am
All three mandolins are similar but different in tone. #All have the bell-like midrange that all builders seem to be trying to achieve. #The MM is the "darkest" in tone with the best Chop. I do like the new Daley. #I don't know , maybe it is just the new kid on the block. #But, I will say that from the first day, it does seem quite responsive and is very loud. #I have only had it for a week #but I called Sim back to personally thank him again for working with me to try and get what I asked for. #I think #the new Daley will eventually turn out to be the strongest mandolin. #I am proud to play all the mandolins, but the addy top and hard maple are a time tested pairing. #I'll play on the Daley for a while, and then try to post some sound clips for the board to decide. #I just know at this time, I can hear myself in a jam and the "cut" seems pretty good. #What I have found most unusual is that the Daley seems to be consistently open and clean regardless of the pick thickness. #I have not noticed that on many mandolins I have played. #I am looking forward to SPBGMA to compare. #Maybe we cafe'ers can get together there. #I know Ken and Shayne are usually there as is Chris Stanley and Frank Ray. #It would be fun to hear the Daley beside #Chris and Stan's Loars. A few years back, I compared the Stanley to the newly discovered Loar from out of Florida that Charley D. had there, and bought it. #Lastly, I can't over-emphasize the importance of a good and proper set-up. I like the Daley out of the box, but both the other mandolins were much better after Jackie Miller tweaked them. #Thanks.