View Full Version : John reischman's new heiden heritage model f5

Jan-02-2008, 5:40pm
Check out John Reischman's new Heiden Heritage model! Michael shared the photos with me and both he and John have given permission to post the photos here on the Cafe.
Michael very carefully matched the neck on John's Loar. Reischman says it feels so close to his Gibson, and plays like a dream. He's very happy, in fact thrilled with his new Heiden!

I know I'm VERY happy with my Heritage model, that was delivered at Wintegrass a few years back. Heiden uses 100 year old recycled spruce on the tops of the Heritage models.
The boards were architectural salvage and had a previous life as part of a building. Mine sounded great from new, deep and very rich sounding, and the perfect set up, Michael is known for is very easy to play.

Jan-02-2008, 5:41pm

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Jan-02-2008, 5:44pm
What a beautiful mandolin!

Jan-02-2008, 5:53pm
Beautiful workmanship - hope to hear it soon..

Danny Clark
Jan-02-2008, 5:58pm
i was thinking he just did a deal with Red Diamond,??

Mark Walker
Jan-02-2008, 6:15pm
That thing is sure beautiful from all angles! Fine craftsmanship throughout!

Congrats to John!

Skip Kelley
Jan-02-2008, 6:22pm
Absolutely stunning! Looks perfect!

Jan-02-2008, 6:30pm
Pretty sweet. That's one classy looking instrument! Did he borrow that beret from you Arthur? http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif


Jan-02-2008, 6:53pm
Nope......but I heard Michael was ribbing John that he was starting to look like me.
I sure wish I could play like him! I've known John for a long time, first saw him
playing on the steeet in Berkeley, about 1979 or 1980, he was playing mandolin duets
with Marky Shubb. This was before he was in The Good Ol' Persons, or became Mike Marshall's
roommate, they lived near my studio in Oakland. I thought he had a tremendous growth spurt
playing in The Tony Rice Unit......and he has gone on to amaze me over & over again through
the years. Boy he gets great tone! Can't wait to hear him play this Heiden Heritage.

Rick Schmidlin
Jan-02-2008, 7:03pm
Super way cool, when I see him I hope I can try it out.

Jan-02-2008, 7:10pm
That is a beautiful mandolin!

Jim Roberts
Jan-02-2008, 7:17pm
Two of my mandolin favorites...John Reischman and Michael Heiden. #

I had the honor to give John a ride to the Kansas City airport after one of the Mandofest productions and I was sorry the trip only lasted forty-five minutes. #Super nice guy and, in my opinion, the smoothest and cleanest mandolin player roaming our planet. #And I have one of Michael's mandolins and it is off the charts good. #It came set-up perfectly and after one year of playing is still dialed in perfectly.

We are fortunate to have these two gentlemen devoting their lives to music and our beloved instrument.

Cheers to you all and may 2008 somehow be graced with world peace.

Michael Cameron
Jan-02-2008, 7:25pm
Thanks for sharing,Arthur! Very exciting looking mandolin. I really like that the ridge from the scroll is not so dang pronounced and it stops at about the width of the body "dishing";some makers run that ridge down to the F-hole! The dark binding looks great with that color finish;also black(ebony?) nut. Flamey tiger-stripe maple is nice;but I like the maple on this Heiden;it's different everywhere you look. Do you know what flavor maple/spruce that is specifically? Just being nosey.

Kevin K
Jan-02-2008, 7:26pm
That is some mandolin there. Any sound clips?
Great work.

Jan-02-2008, 11:20pm
1. I love John's playing.

2. I lust after Michael's mandolins.

3. I firmly believe that, unless a man happens to be French, he should avoid wearing a beret prior to age 70. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Dr. Jazz
Jan-03-2008, 9:19am
Though I love my Heiden 'A', I this is the first time I feel as if I should have ordered an 'F' rather than an 'A'. :-(

What a gorgeous instrument. Thanks for the pics, Art.

Jan-03-2008, 9:50am

Hope to see John playing this beauty at the River City festival this weekend.

Jan-03-2008, 10:00am
Yes, me too! This should just add to the excitement this weekend.

Rick Schmidlin
Jan-03-2008, 6:15pm
I passed this link on to John;)

Jan-03-2008, 6:35pm
It's been quite a while since a mandolin has made a deep impression on me based on appearance alone, but that one does. I guess it's a matter of having seen so many beautiful instruments (mostly from looking at this site) I've become a little blase. Oh yeah, another fantastically gorgeous mandolin. Uh, pass the pretzels. But this one is different. I love everything about it. If I had the money, I'd tell Michael to build me one just like it. Change nothing but the serial number.

Jan-03-2008, 6:43pm
Love that color shade. Kind of a Rootbeer thing going on there.

Jan-03-2008, 8:19pm
Mine looks a bit lighter........I asked for violinish and Michael matched "his" violin.

Steve Cantrell
Jan-03-2008, 8:36pm
Wow. That's the stuff, Arthur.

Kevin K
Jan-24-2008, 10:54am
Both of the above Heiden's are truly works of art.

Jan-24-2008, 8:04pm
Both are absolutely stunning. Personally, I would prefer the darker version, but either way, incredible, classy, would love to hear, awesome come to mind. Thank you for sharing.

Jan-24-2008, 8:51pm
What a nice piece of work! #Well done Michael. #I love the inlay on John's headstock. #Without a question the second nicest Heiden I have seen http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif

Jan-24-2008, 8:55pm
Absolutely stunning! Looks perfect!
my sentiments exactly. that thing is just phenomenal looking.

Ivan Kelsall
Jan-25-2008, 5:32am
The colour of John Reischman's Heiden,i could only describe as 'Amber' & it's very beautiful indeed. I have only ever held one Heiden Mandolin & that belonged to my late friend from Ottawa,Canada,David Tinkoff. David brought it over to England with him when he came to stay with me in '94. His Heiden was just about the lightest,most responsive instrument i'd ever held. The tone was exquisite & the volume was enough to compete with any instrument. I wasn't playing Mandolin back then,but the tone of that instrument is something i'll never forget.
Will,John Reischman record with this Mandolin,or will he use his Loar ?. I'm assuming here that John's Loar has reached a price point that makes taking it out on the road a very risky business & he needs another ''roadie'' Mandolin. I wish that i was worthy of such a stunningly beautiful piece of craftsmanship as that Mandolin - one day maybe ??,

Bill Halsey
Jan-25-2008, 9:23am
Lovely instruments -- Gibson design body, with Lyon & Healy binding and workmanship. I often wonder what might have come of it if those two had got together... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif Congratulations to Michael Heiden!

Jan-25-2008, 10:47am
That is one beautiful instrument