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Dec-29-2007, 3:25pm
Here is another older mando I found and cleaned up with new tailpiece and a cobbled bridge out of rosewood and ebony. #Really has a nice bark to it now maybe this is the one I will learn to play on. In fact when I got it I thought the fingerboard was ebony it was so dark but after cleaning up its a nice rosewood fingerboard , zero fret with brass frets that cleaned up nice. #I removed the pickguard which was screwed to the body, which I do not care for and it opened up the sound so all in all I was glad I rescued this. Awhile back I had a chance to pickup three Ashton Bailey tailpieces and boy I wish I had more. #This is the second mandolin I have put them on and even I can hear the difference.


Here is the bridge I made for it the original was like a dowel stained black with no inotation or good slots for the strings.


Here is a phot of the original bridge and rusty tin tailpiece


Bill Snyder
Dec-29-2007, 5:16pm
What does the tailpiece look like from the other side? You might be able to sell it.

Dec-29-2007, 5:20pm
<What does the tailpiece look like from the other side? You might be able to sell it.>

For what? Five bucks?

Dec-29-2007, 6:02pm
For what? Five bucks?
If he gets that for the tailpiece he should do a happy dance.

Bill Snyder
Dec-29-2007, 6:31pm
Well that is about what a new, cheap Gibson style goes for at International Luthiers Supply. (http://www.internationalluthiers.com/otherparts.php)
Same price at International Violin as well.

Dec-29-2007, 8:18pm
Kudos to you for your efforts (and thanks for sharing the photos). #It is nice to see clean work of this nature in light of the many over-inlaid, heavily lacquered 'renovations' to older Italian bowlbacks we've seen on ebay coming out of a few Asian chop-shops. # Yours are probably better sounding and playing now then when they were new.

But you, sir, need to start picking. Pronto!


Dec-29-2007, 10:22pm
Send 5.00 and I will throw in the bridge. Guys from the emails I am getting I did not know Hondo was back in business I thought they went belly up in the late 80's ?? The old gentleman I got this from bought it in the 70's he thinks about 74 or 75 was not sure but it is not one of the new ones. My guess in came out of Japan not Korea ??

David Newton
Dec-29-2007, 10:37pm
Nice work on putting that one back in service.
Now, I need to speak to you about straightening up the shop a little...

Dec-30-2007, 8:55am
It most likely came out of Japan in the 70's - 80's period. Hondo is simply a brand name owned by an importer, it is not a manufacturer. That same mandolin can be found with numerous brand names on it including Strad-O-Lin (believe it or not).

Dec-30-2007, 3:14pm
Dave that is clean, you know I have heard some Strad-O-Lin that sounded good !! Not a old Gibson but still a nice sound. Had a player try it today and it can bark with someone who knows how, so pleased with the out come. Think I will keep this one. Got another from the 70's that needs some tweaking see what that sounds like ??http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif