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Feb-03-2004, 8:26pm
Hello I just purchased a mando and am anxious to get started learning to play the beauty. (Morgan Monroe MMS-3)
I need suggestions as to where I can get a strap and what type to get etc. I know this is trivial to yall but I'm new to all this, and could really use your help.

Feb-03-2004, 8:45pm
Leather Boot Lace, 75 cents. Make a hangman's knot on each end. Works great. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif

Feb-03-2004, 8:50pm
Try Elderly just click on their banner ad on the front page.
I have a Levy thin leather strap I think I paid under $15 from Elderly. Just click on any of the banners and most have mando straps for sale. If you have an "F" that is a scroll make sure you get a strap that says it will work with an "F" which simply means their is a large loop at one end that fits over and under the scroll and the other end of the strap will have a small hole for the end peg.
Have fun looking!

Feb-03-2004, 8:51pm
spurgeon straps are great and inexpensive braided straps- he usually has ads in the classifieds

i also just got - approx one hour ago, a longhollow leather softy- many on this site swear by em, and i think rigel sells them .

Feb-03-2004, 9:32pm
I ended up with leather boot lace tied in a hangman's noose to go around the scroll, and a little knot (with a spurgeon-strap bead) to keep it tight at the endpin. Works great, and if none of my playing resembles that of Sam Bush, at least my strap does.


Scotti Adams
Feb-03-2004, 9:55pm
...A 'Roo strap.....the best money can buy....contact AlanN here on the board...pricey..but it will be the last strap you will ever need...

John Flynn
Feb-03-2004, 9:58pm
I have tried a lot of straps and I really like the "Mandolin Softy" strap from Long Hollow Leather. I believe they are $16. They can be obtained from LHL's website. I also think that "Dale" here on the Cafe' carries them.

Feb-03-2004, 10:17pm
I bought some 'roo lace on ebay from an Aussie and found a website that shows how to braid a 4-ply and a 6-ply round braid. Then I braided the lace and made a big loop on one end (for the scroll) and left a tag to tie a slip knot on the other (for the button) and strapped it on. It's great. The lace and shipping cost about $6.50. I'll probably order some more -- 2 - 16' pieces next time so I'll have enough for a 6-ply round braid. The 4-ply is about 3/16" diameter, and I think I'd like it a little bigger. Took about 2 hours.

Feb-04-2004, 6:21pm
I second the Levy suggestion, for under 15 bucks it's a cool leather strap. Also like the Spurgeon, it won't travel if you play with it over only one shoulder. And it's cheap, too.

Feb-05-2004, 2:25am
(with a spurgeon-strap bead) to keep it tight at the endpin.
The problem I have with a bead, even a wooden one, is that I like to have nothing on the strap at all that can dent the wood or goof the finish.

The hangman's noose is a good solid way to attach to the endpin, but if you leave the strap attached while the mando's in it's case, be careful of the bead...

I use this one:

at $14.95 plus 85 cents shipping.

It fits the scroll of my MMS-3 just fine.

Feb-05-2004, 8:00am
What I always do is use a local tanner (maybe that's an old world term...anyway, leather-worker). Usually you can get a better quality strap cheaper (minus your time) with a local guy.

Tanners are usually hobbiests, so may be hard to find. Possible to go to a store with leather goods, and ask who's making them for the merchant.

Feb-06-2004, 8:16am
I just bought ANOTHER Roo strap from Alan Niederland for my other mandolin. #Perfect size and good construction and the best I have seen. #He has a post in the classifieds.

Denny O
Murfreesboro, TN

Coy Wylie
Feb-06-2004, 9:16am
I bought a bundle of cowhide laces at the local craft store for $1.50, did a four-ply braid (you can probably find out how to do this with an internet search)and left a long tail on each end. I made a hangman's noose on one end for the scroll and a small one on the other for the end pin. I soaked the knots in water and let them dry overnight to shrink tight.

This makes for a cheap, nice-looking strap that doesn't slip on my shoulder.

Mike Crocker
Feb-06-2004, 9:26am
I'm using an old belt of my Dad's strung through a Levy's shoulder pad. The original Levy's strap slipped too easily in the pad and was a nuisance to reposition all the time. I also have a couple of other straps made from old belts...no hardware, just softened leather.

Peace, Mooh.

Feb-06-2004, 9:28am
Go to a leather shop and buy a roo or soft leather strap Simply cut it to length and split it lengthways for openings (i.e. couple inches for scroll and button size for buttons). Or braid it, if that flips your cookie. I agree with Scotti,doanepoole Willard, et.al. Make your own, you'll like it better! By the way, mines roo, made like I described. On the button end, I cut the strap twice and fold it back over to button it again. Just for safety.

Coy Wylie
Feb-06-2004, 9:35am
Now you've got me interested in making another strap... what are the qualities of roo leather that make it a better choice than cowhide?

Feb-07-2004, 12:08am
I'll chime in here too. I buy 72 in rawhide bootlaces (you'll need two) and 72 in boot laces (the ones that are braided nylon - you'll need one). Soak the rawhide and take all three, tie a figure eight knot at one end (leave enough to tie onto your end pin) and just braid the three shoelaces together, like a long pigtail. How you end it and how long it needs to be is up to you.

What I do for the end is after it is braided to the right length, I tie another figure eight knot, cut away the nylon (and burn the end) and then use the two rawhide laces to loop the scroll (or neck for a-body). You can make a nice sliding hitch to allow adjustment.

To learn more, buy a mandolin from me - ha. I do included them with each one (this is true; however what I sell is really low end for most of this crowd - ha again).


Feb-07-2004, 9:11am
I had problems finding a wide strap. Ended
up making my own out of a wide guitar strap
and then using leather bootlace for the last
couple of inches to tie to my scroll. Takes
all of five minutes to rig it up.
Works great, was very inexpensive and very
comfortable to wear instead of the thin strap
biting in your shoulder after a few minutes.

Feb-07-2004, 10:16am
Storng, soft, and pliable.