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Dec-19-2007, 6:15pm
That really is pretty, then again I'm partial to reddish colored mandolins.

Dec-19-2007, 6:17pm

Dec-19-2007, 6:18pm

Dec-19-2007, 6:22pm

Dec-19-2007, 6:26pm
Very nice, Ken!

steve V. johnson
Dec-19-2007, 6:56pm
Awwww, Ken!! # Altho it's an F, I think you've found where I -live-!


Beautiful work, congratulations and thanks!


Dec-19-2007, 7:09pm
Thanks, here's a 2 point I finished at the same time.

Dec-19-2007, 7:10pm
another view.......

Dec-19-2007, 7:11pm

Dec-19-2007, 7:12pm
yet another...........

Dec-19-2007, 7:13pm
last one....

Mark Walker
Dec-19-2007, 8:15pm
Ken, Excellent work - as usual!

Does that two-pointer have a redwood top too, or just the F5?

Dang those are tempting! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Dec-19-2007, 9:38pm
Very nice looking mandos Ken. I am very fond of redwood tops both visually and sonically. Love the headstock on the two-pointer.

Dec-20-2007, 7:30am
no Mark, that two point is a European top. Good wood.

Skip Kelley
Dec-20-2007, 9:32am
Ken, sweet looking mandolins! I love the inlay in the F5. Your peghead shape on the two-pointer is awesome! That is the nicest two-pointer I have seen! Great work!

Dec-20-2007, 9:46am
Here is a redwood Silverangel I've just completed.

Dec-20-2007, 9:48am
thanks Skip, here's one more.....

Mark Walker
Dec-21-2007, 8:46pm
That sure is beautiful grain on the back of that F5!

Dec-27-2007, 4:33pm
Stixter here --- been a longtime lurker and reader, but thought I'd jump in on this relatively fresh thread as this pertains to Ken's mandolins...

In the topic: "Laura ratcliff "a", The classifieds got me", Potosimando said On 11/13/07: "I see that the Ken-Ratcliff F is on hold; looks like some fortunate person is getting a great little mando."

That Silverangel (#258) is now my mando, and I love it. This is the big warm sound I've been looking for, and it is clearly the most powerful mandolin I've ever played. It is deep, wide, open, and loud, and makes my previous players - Collings MT2, Arches A5, and Rigel A+ - seem comparatively narrow and dimensionless. Note, this is not meant to disparage those nice mandolins. I love the Silverangel's round, woody, woofy sound, even if it's not the sound some folks are looking for in bluegrass mandos. I'll take the warmer sound, and with its larger sonic pallette, it's a great alternative to guitar for accompanying singing. It quickly earned the name "Big". So, kudos to Ken for making such remarkable sounding instruments at fair prices. He was also great to deal with. Ken is the real deal.


Dec-28-2007, 12:57am
Congrats on your new mando and welcome to the Cafe!

Mark Walker
Dec-28-2007, 8:16am
Michael - welcome to the Cafe' and Silver Angel fraternities!

You see on the Cafe' (and, if you get out and about) hear many wonderful instruments by a variety of talented luthiers. (Many folks post sound-clips of their mandolins too.) Having owned two of Ken's mandolins, and knowing at least six musicians in my area who have 'test-driven' my mandolin and bought a Silver Angel, I can agree with you they're excellent instruments - especially at their price point.

Good luck and enjoy that mandolin! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif