View Full Version : Distressed '86 duff

G. Fisher
Dec-17-2007, 8:34pm
Here is a naturally distressed Duff and it sounds good too.

G. Fisher
Dec-17-2007, 8:36pm

G. Fisher
Dec-17-2007, 8:40pm

G. Fisher
Dec-17-2007, 8:42pm

G. Fisher
Dec-17-2007, 8:46pm

Jonathan James
Dec-17-2007, 8:54pm
wow, that baby looks like it has been to war and back. New acquisition Greg or just borrowing it?

G. Fisher
Dec-17-2007, 9:12pm
Working on acquiring it.

Dec-17-2007, 9:40pm
hey whats the microphone? Interesting placement....

G. Fisher
Dec-17-2007, 10:29pm
It is actually the bridge saddle with a hot dot pick up. I put a standard saddle on to see if it sounded better. I just stuck the other saddle in the sound hole to keep it out of the way.

Dec-17-2007, 10:40pm
ah ha!

Danny Clark
Dec-17-2007, 11:09pm
Thats a good sounding mandolin,i had the chance to play it for awhile,and it has some cool history also

Dec-17-2007, 11:35pm
Paul's really grown as a luthier. His fit and fitness are excellent. I've owned one Duff and am in the process of owning my second. I jammed with Paul for awhile last year on some Monroe tunes and was totally blown away by his most recent mandolins. I wanted that F5 there and then.



Steve Cantrell
Dec-18-2007, 7:56am
The Duff that dasspunk owns has the sound, that's for sure.

G. Fisher
Dec-18-2007, 2:27pm
I made a video clip so you can hear what it sounds like.

Duff clip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GKIPFnkP5A)