View Full Version : Blister In The Sun by The Femmes

Professor PT
Jun-08-2004, 11:02pm
Try this on the mando; it sounds great and is a little departure from the original. It sounds oddly appropriate. It's a good song to go into after a jam session and a few beers along the way.

Jun-09-2004, 10:33am
really fun song. easy to play and bar crowd loves it.

Jun-16-2004, 6:44am
I was playing Mando with a guitar player for a few years and he sang this song, I had never heard it before he sang it. In fact it was a couple of years before I heard the original. Image my surprise when I heard the drums. Great Tune.

Jun-22-2004, 5:27am
played it this past friday night and went over real well. it is so easy, takes minimal effort for big energy and you can do anything with the vocals. loads of fun!

Jun-23-2004, 2:08pm
Not bad for 3 folk-punk boys from Wisconsin! #They could write a song. #Killer bass player to boot!


Jun-28-2004, 1:56pm
this was one of the songs i did solo, just me and my mando, i really slammed with my right hand, and kept the syncopation going. it came out darn good, and had the bar singing along. those 3 boys were darn good. simple yet complex and awful catchy tunes. next i want to try "american music"

Professor PT
Jun-29-2004, 10:25am
Or how about "Add It Up," or "Gone Daddy Gone"? You'd have to really improvise to cover the xylophone solo!

Jun-30-2004, 10:40am
where would i get the tab/chords for it?

Jun-30-2004, 11:13am
don't know, probably alltabs or you could just search- blister in the sun chords on any engine

we do it kinda easy based on how it sounded in our heads- never compared to the album.
we play the primary riff: G G-C C alternation starting and ending on G (if you think about the tune, you will have the riff in your head- it follows the lyric melody)then muted strings in between- chucka chucka chucka-type sound
chorus- Em C Em C D

Professor PT
Aug-04-2004, 12:02am
Here's an odd piece of info for this odd little song: most people, including myself, have thought that this song was about pleasuring one's self. On some trivia show on VH1, I believe, Gordon Gano claims that the line "big hands I know you're the one" is actually about feeling like a freak in high school because he had such small hands(?!). I don't know about that one. The line about staining his sheets still seems to speak to the more popular interpretation. Either way, I'm sure it'll always conjure up that more obvious meaning!