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Jun-08-2004, 2:37pm
I need to perform a Mozart piece for my music theory class on mandolin, and I don't know where to find tablature. I've mostly found notation, and 1 piece of music, "Symphony No. 25," on the Mandozine Tabledit files library. I need help fast! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me,


Jun-08-2004, 3:12pm
I'm surprised you found ANY classical music in tab format. I didn't think it existed. Sorry, can't help.

Jun-08-2004, 3:15pm
There's a million Bach tabs, I just can't find anything by Mozart except for this darned Symphony No. 25, which isn't very challenging, I might add. Maybe I should learn to read music, but I have to play this song tomorrow, so . . . I'll have to put that on my to do list.

Jim Garber
Jun-08-2004, 4:07pm
Which Mozart piece are you looking for? Any particular one?

Try this page (http://trillian.mit.edu/~jc/cgi/abc/findtune?P=mozart&F2=find+%28wide%29&L=1000). Can you learn by ear? #If it just has to be some Mozart try the first one. Sounds pretty easy. Click on the midi link for that tune (index 1775) to hear it.

Or maybe one of the others will work.

Good luck.


Jim M.
Jun-08-2004, 5:18pm
Tabledit, a popular program around these parts, can give you tab from an ABC file (see Jim Garber's link)Check out www.tabledit.com

They have a free reader available that should work for you if you don't want to pay the $50 or so for the full version.

Alex Timmerman
Jun-08-2004, 5:39pm
Hello Sand Castle Faith,

Or perhaps this ´Andante´ from Mozart´s Opera ´The Magic Flute´ (Jim´s page No. 758) (http://trillian.mit.edu/~jc/cgi/abc/gettune?F=PDF&U=http://abc.musicaviva.com/tunes/mozart-wolfgang-amadeus/mozart-magic-andante/mozart-magic-andante-1.abc&X=758&T=MAGICFLUTE&N=fromTheMagicFlute.pdf) might help.

Good luck tomorrow.