View Full Version : Stanley and collings

Dec-09-2007, 12:13am
But certainly different in sound.

Dec-09-2007, 12:14am
The MF-5 is new today. Now the headstocks of the two

Dec-09-2007, 12:15am
The whole packages

goose 2
Dec-09-2007, 1:05am
Cool pictures. Man I really like the sound of Stanley mandolins. It will be interesting which sound you gravitate towards after you get to know them both a while.

Jonathan James
Dec-09-2007, 6:20am
Interesting how similar those sunbursts look!

Sheryl McDonald
Dec-09-2007, 7:33am
They look like cousins...

Dec-09-2007, 7:58am
very nice.....the clip you sent me sonded great!!!!!

Dec-09-2007, 9:54am
Can you post a clip here and how? I made a short MP3 yesterday of a waltz for my mom who has cancer and who is leaving us soon.

Dec-09-2007, 10:04am
Just a preliminary AB, keeping in mind that the MF5 is one day old and not broken in. The Stanley has a sweeter tone, the MF5 a bit more bell like. I would describe the Stanley sound as rounder and fuller, very different. They feel different playing. With the Stanley you love to hit and hold a not just focusing on that awesome round sustain. Each note is a pleasure. The Collings is so easy to play. Each note is really distinct. You just feel like you could play it for ever. Both are simply awesome. Fit and finish goes to the Collings. Playability goes to the Collings, by just a bit, but the Stanley is a pleasure too, just different. Tone at this time goes to the Stanley, but the Collings has beautiful tone too, just more bell like than singing. Stanley has stronger mids. Collings hammers the bass. Treble is different think of the bell vs voice idea. I will get back to you after a month and the Collings has some time to open up.

Mando Morsi
Dec-15-2007, 9:38am
Wow what a set of twins!!
Just out of curiousity how does your brand new MF5 stack up against your couple year old MF? and would you say that one is closer to the Stanley than the other?, or are both Collings different from the Stanley in a similar way?

Ken Sager
Dec-15-2007, 11:36am
Backside photo?!? The front isn't even HALF the mandolin! Come on, give us the goods!


Jan-22-2008, 10:16pm
The backs you requested. Sorry so long in getting them for you. The right one is the Collings.

Jan-22-2008, 10:17pm
Back of headstocks

Jan-22-2008, 10:18pm
The full back

Jan-22-2008, 10:26pm
Now an answer to the comparison of the MF to the MF5. The MF has a more raw sound while the MF5 is more refined. I probably would prefer the MF in a large bluegrass jam and the MF5 for recording. I would say the the MF and MF5 are like distant cousins, but the Stanley is a completely different sound and family tree. The Stanley sings, the MF5 rings and barks, the MF barks sharply. I would say the MF5 is like the Stanley in sophistication of sound, but oh so different. While all three can play Bill, the Stanley begs to play Bill. The MF is happy playing any grass and the MF5 loves to play slow beautiful songs where each note rings out. They are all awesome instruments with there own very different voices and feels. The Stanley has that Loar/Gibson type sound, while the MF5 has the new mandolin sound. Hope this helps.