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Feb-03-2004, 5:55pm

curious about upgrading my case. can't afford a calton or pegasus. I would like some good protection. (My kids tend to like to walk on my guitar case - and I fear the same for the mando case if I left it out sometime.)

I've read what I can in the archives, but the problems discussed seem to be specific to the mandolin, or in comparison to Calton and Pegasus.

I was thinking about the TKL hardshell rectangular (I'm kind of particlular to that shape for some reason but not 100%.)

Any comments? As I wait for responses, I will search out other recommended brands such as the supercase (which I suspect costs more than I could afford).



Jim M.
Feb-03-2004, 6:11pm
I have a TKL rectangular for one of my mandos. It's a nice case, but it wouldn't keep my mando safe if I stepped on it. It would probably keep it safe if a 40 lb. kid stepped on it, but I'd rather train the kid or keep it out of their way. As for Supercases, I have one for a fiddle. I took the fiddle out and stepped on it to see how strong it was. The top bent in but popped right back out when I got off. It probably would have protected the fiddle, but I'm glad the fiddle wasn't in the case when I did it. If you're worried about abuse, keep them out of the way. A mando can get damaged even in a Calton if the case is handled roughly enough.

Feb-03-2004, 6:26pm
I have a Cedar Creek case which is the custom division of TKL. Their factory is in the Richmond, VA area. I am very happy with mine...rectangular, deep alligator type outer covering and plush blue interior with dual neck support. The mando fits deep and tighter around the body than the TKL case. The Americana series, I think. Fisrt Quality Music carries them, but I got mine at the factory so I could check fit.
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Michael H Geimer
Feb-03-2004, 7:06pm
I found the arched top of my TKL was quite an attraction to the couple of two year old on hand at X-mas. They loved to walk on the top. I don't know that I considered my mandolin to be 'safe', but since I was right there the whole time I wasn't worried.

Overall, I like the case. But, it does seem that the retangular shape is often associated with firearms rather than musical instruments. Not that big a deal, but I do get akward looks on occasion. W

- Benig

Feb-03-2004, 10:48pm
Heavy seems to be my main issue, considering selling mine off in favor of a shaped case,Seems mine is on top of tkl price point list, at over $200, any offers , its a small child compatable arched top, fuzzy blanket included.

Michael Lewis
Feb-04-2004, 2:02am
For a rectangular case there was a stir about the Bobelock case in another discussion. They look really nice.

Scotti Adams
Feb-04-2004, 7:41am
..yep Bobelock baby...Bobelock....its a very classy, well thought out design...plenty of storage, protection and good looks to boot...

Feb-04-2004, 9:06am
Bobelock....do it...you'll be happy.

Feb-04-2004, 9:34am
i've now read a litttle about the bobelock cases, but can't find the greatest site to describe them....who sells em? cost?

Anyone have pictures of their bobelock handy?

Is it a hardshell covered by nylon? What level of protection do you feel it gives?

Feb-04-2004, 9:44am
I bought mine from www.finecases.com for around $165.00.

Scotti gave me the lowdown on his and I checked out the pics he posted in another thread. I'm very happy with mine. I had a Calton previously and while it was a nice case it really lacked in stroage space. The Bobelock is a hardshell (thermoplastic?) with nylon cover. It has a locking latch, zipper, snaps, and a velcro closure. Plenty of peghead space and two compartments for stroage. I keep a tuner, cloth, and pick bag in one and pliers, dikes, and string winder in the other. There is still room in each for more.

I know there are some other folks on the Cafe that have one and are happy with them as well.

Scotti Adams
Feb-04-2004, 9:51am
..hardshell coverd by nylon..tons of storage....its not as stong as a Calton or Pegasus...but as I have stated numerous times..I dont need a bullet proof case that feels like a boat anchor hanging form my shoulder. Those cases are nice..in fact I had a Calton for a long time..it just lacked the storage I like to have. I feel very comfortable with my mando housed in my Bobelock. I got mine thru Bluett Bros....I dumped all my pics I had of mine..maybe somebody else has some...I know Finecases.com carries them and they also have some pics available..they have them on sale for $186...a great, great buy...

Feb-04-2004, 11:04am
I have a bobelock but aTKL is a good quality case too. I like to carry a lot of junk thus the bobelock. however, if you don't need the storage the bobelock is a bit heavier and more bulky. If you can get a used TkL on the cafe fine. I might even sell mine soon. TKL makes cases for alot of top quality mando companies. I wouldn't let the young'uns jump on ANY of them. believemeIvegotemtoo.

Feb-04-2004, 11:05am
Thanks Scotti,

I found some good pics - although the one saw was listed in the mid 200's. (may have been a different case). I will check out finecases.com although I have to admit, that 186 is more than I think I can spend. Sheesh. What I have is fine, but I'd like a little better. Thanks for the tip and advice! (to all of you, who responded as well!)

Strado Len
Feb-05-2004, 9:32am
I bought one of the TKL American Vintage rectangular mandolin cases from Elderly. It is strong, with 5-ply construction, arched top, leather handle, heavy duty covering (black only) and nice green velvet lining. For someone looking for a protective, traditional syle case at a moderate price ($180), it is very nice.

The arched top has supported my 40 pound daughter, with no adverse affect on either the case or child.

Feb-05-2004, 9:52am
thanks guys (and at least one gal - katie). I appreciate you taking the time to answer this. It all helps out in the end!