View Full Version : Opinions on fender  fm 63s

Dec-04-2007, 7:38am
I asked an epiphone question awhile back. Here goes the fender question. Would this be a good step up from my Kentucky KM250s? I would probably buy a used one.

Dec-04-2007, 8:15am
Nope...it would probably be a step down soundwise!

Dec-04-2007, 6:57pm
I agree that this a step down. It may look better, but likely wont sound as good.

Celtic Saguaro
Dec-04-2007, 7:24pm
It's more like a step sideways. To be sure of getting something better in an f-style you'd need to spend a little more.

Dec-04-2007, 8:48pm
Thanks folks!

Jim Broyles
Dec-04-2007, 9:13pm
Sideways? The 250S is a great mandolin at that price point, but every Fender I ever played has been seriously lacking in the tone and volume departments. My 250, the next to last version - dark mahogany or wine red colored, all solid - was a very good sounding mandolin. The one Doug Edwards raffled off sounded great in the clips, but it had a lot of custom-type upgrades. Mine was stock.

Dec-04-2007, 9:16pm
I have a Fender FM63S. I think you're better off staying with the Kentucky and saving your money a little longer until you have enough for something like an Eastman. I'm sure some will disagree with going the Asian route but there's only a limited number of mid-mos out there and if someone asks about seared ahi tuna why offer them catfish?

Dec-05-2007, 12:06am
Don't do it, but every $250.00 Fender A-model I've ever played, though not as good as a Kentucky, will walk all over the Fender F-model.
For the price of a Fender F you could have a hand carved Eastman A, or a Glenn from here in the States. They have both been favorably reviewed. My advice...save up for the right Eastman F model if you've got to have the scroll. If not, save for a Gibson A-9. Pick through either...don't trust any name.

Dec-05-2007, 10:11am
I also play a Fender FM-63s, and I would agree that it most likely would not be a step up from what you are playing now. I would advise not giving into your MAS and saving your money until you can get something that is a real step up.

If you can't keep your MAS in check and have to get the Fender or the Epiphone you were asking about before, look for a used Korean made one. Should be around $300.

I think I remember seeing somewhere on the board that the Fenders and the Epiphones were made in the same Korean factory and now are made in the same Chinese factory.